Syncro System presents a Renault Master with racking for painters and decorators
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Syncro System presents a Renault Master with racking for painters and decorators

The Renault Master’s cargo space is famous for its generous height and vertical side walls. The van is therefore easy to fit out and a wide range of racking configurations can be installed to meet the needs of different users. The Master on this page is operated by a firm of painters and decorators serving the commercial and industrial sectors. This specialist and well organised company uses the van to transport materials (paint, rollers, paint brushes, pasting brushes, etc.) and safety equipment (ladders, platforms and scaffolding) between its base and the work site.
Let’s see how Syncro System managed to install a complete racking system in this Master while leaving plenty of free space in the centre of the floor.

Cover to protect

All the interior surfaces of the Master are lined with panels of different materials to protect them against impact, humidity and general wear and tear. The owner of this van chose to fit a plywood floor liner with a marble-look, non-slip surface, and pre-painted steel panels on the walls and doors. The result is highly attractive, bright, easy to clean and damage-resistant. Every panel is pre-shaped and pre-drilled for installation in this particular model of Master and guaranteed to fit perfectly.

Loading the Master: everything in one column of racking – or nearly!

Given the profession of its owners (painters and decorators), this Master needs plenty of free floor space to carry bulky materials. For this reason, only one column of racking was installed on the left side wall. This provides 5 open shelves, all with non-slip mats and metal dividers. The large number of spaces created in this way can carry all the tools of the trade in perfect order and prevent them from getting mixed up during transit. Syncro shelves and their internal mats and dividers are specially designed to stop things sliding around, tipping over and falling out. The floor level storage space is open at the front and is fitted with a metal bar, hook and strap retaining system, the ideal solution for carrying large tins of paint or tool cases.
A special kind of shelf, a full-length tray with rear access is fitted on top of the main column to carry long items.

A safe, flexible load space: cargo bars

One of the key features of this Renault Master racking system is the presence of vertical cargo bars with milled side fittings.
This kind of retaining system is ideal for dividing up the cargo space into separate “compartments” and for securing large items of cargo within a delimited area so they cannot move and damage themselves or other equipment. The narrow sides of the bars are covered in rubber to reduce the risk of scratching delicate cargo.
The bars are engaged in rails on the van’s floor and roof. They are easy to fit and can be moved backwards or forwards along the rails and locked in various positions to suit the needs of the load.

Cargo retaining systems for vans

The bulkhead of this painters and decorators’ Master is fitted with a metal bar that can be used with straps and hooks to secure whatever type of load has to be carried. Straps can be passed around cargo and tensioned to hold it in place while the vehicle is on the road.