2017: Future projects for the Syncro Group
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2017: Future projects for the Syncro Group

Francom announces the expansion of its Via Portile site in 2017

The Francom plant in Via Portile, San Zeno di Cassola, became fully operational in 2014. Various improvements have been made to it since then. Offices were added to the factory building in 2017, connected to it but fully independent.
Speaking during celebrations for employees, contractors, suppliers and friends at the inauguration of the new site on 19 May 2017, Luca Comunello, President of Syncro System, announced a series of major projects for the future

Luca Comunello, President of the Syncro Group, told those present, "We are thinking about extending the factory building and offices and purchasing new, more advanced machinery over the next few months. On top of this we are planning to launch a number of new products and a major development that will affect our entire racking system. We shall let you have more details soon."

Syncro System is still growing at a sustained rate: the turnover of the group’s Italian and foreign dealers is increasing, as are the savings that Syncro products guarantee for end users. According to calculations based on an estimated value for timesaving, the 70,000 vans that Syncro has fitted out between 1996 and 2017 have saved their users an average of 220 million Euros a year!