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Syncro Ultra racking in a Ford Connect used for servicing traffic lights

A Ford Connect with racking for a traffic light maintenance company 

So, you only have a small van? Don’t worry, Syncro System can offer you big solutions for exploiting space and keeping everything tidy. The van on this page is a Ford Connect operated by a traffic light maintenance business and is a great example of how Syncro can make the most of compact vehicles. As always, the solution the Syncro team came up with was customised and tailored to the needs of the van user, something the new Ultra system makes easier than ever.

The customer’s needs 

Before we have a closer look at the solutions offered, let’s run through the needs expressed by the customer:

  • A practical, space-saving way to carry an extendable ladder without having to resort to a roof rack 

  • Enough storage for all the tools, spares and equipment needed

  • Plenty of free floor space for carrying large items

  • Last but not least, total safety for the van’s passengers and other road users 

Raised floor and floor liner 

Leaving plenty of free floor space while finding room for everything would be a daunting task to anybody else, but not to Syncro. The installation of underfloor drawers has literally created a second, completely free floor above a capacious storage space. The underfloor area accessible from the rear is divided into a large metal drawer and customised storage for the ladder. The side door provides access to another two large drawers, ideal for carrying frequently used tools. 
A floor liner in marble-look plywood has been fitted over these drawers, forming a robust and easy-to-clean walkable surface and providing firm anchorage for the racking.

Customised storage in the Connect 

Having satisfied some of the customer’s requests with the underfloor drawers, the Syncro team went about fitting a single, simple storage system along the left side wall, leaving the remainder of the floor virtually free. 
The racking consists of metal drawers and shelves (some open, others enclosed) and a full-length top tray with rear access, a great solution for carrying pipes and conduits. The floor-level case retaining system with adjustable strap lets you secure even different size cases quickly and easily, for instant retrieval when needed.

Cargo retaining systems and accessories 

Cargo retaining systems always come in handy for making full use of the floor and holding cargo in place so that it does not slide around on bends or when the brakes are applied. This particular Connect, used to service traffic lights, has been fitted with two bar and strap kits, one on the right side and one on the bulkhead. Each strap is adjustable in length and position. Just place it around the cargo, slide the two knobs along the bar to the most suitable positions, then pull the strap tight using the buckle in the middle.   
The van has also been fitted with other accessories

  • cleaning accessories: a bucket of Scrubs wipes and a paper roll holder

  • a fire extinguisher bracket ;

  • a first aid kit.