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A Syncro racking system can breathe new life into your old van!

So your van is getting old but still going well? A new Syncro racking system can give it a new lease of life! Syncro System racking adapts perfectly to all makes and models of van, even those no longer in production.
There are many good reasons for installing new racking in an older van: change of business, new working requirements, even starting a new business with a second-hand vehicle. For Syncro installers, your needs are all that count. Our aim is always the same: to give you the best possible racking system for your job, making full use of the space available.
On this page you can see a 1994 Fiat Ducato that has just been fitted with the latest Syncro racking and accessories. The van is owned by a business that installs, services and provides training on industrial fork lifts. Let’s have a closer look!

The liners: a new-look interior

The inside of this old Ducato was certainly showing its age. Years of daily use had clearly left their mark in the form of numerous scratches and dents, especially on the floor and the bottom part of the walls.
The customer chose to leave the walls as they were and simply cover them with new racking and accessories, but in the case of the floor decided to fit a wear-resistant marble-look plywood liner.
This simple decision has given the inside of the Ducato a completely new image, making it look years younger. Thanks to the new, custom-shaped, protective panels, the walkable floor surface now has many years of life in front of it, with the added advantage of being easy to clean too.

Shelving, the simplest, most straightforward form of van racking

The Ducato’s left side wall is equipped with a five-level shelving system complete with non-slip mats plus a top tray that runs the full length of the van.
Thanks to a fold-down door on the floor-level compartment, even the awkwardly shaped space around the wheel arch now provides useful storage.

Plenty of transparent containers

The solution chosen for the right side wall is a favourite with tradesmen who need to carry around large quantities of small spares and sundries. It also helps keep the centre of the van free for loading cargo of all kinds. The racking on this side is limited in depth, protruding not much further than the wheel arch, but comprises a total of 45 tilting and removable transparent containers.

A permanent work bench

Having a compact but practical work bench in your van is a great advantage if you have to carry out maintenance and repairs at your customers’ premises. The Syncro team came up with the perfect solution for this Ducato and installed a generous work bench at the bulkhead.
With a worktop in marble-look plywood just like the floor, this bench also features raised edges to stop items falling off and a metal vice. Fully opening drawers underneath provide practical storage for tools and accessories, while an enclosed floor-level compartment exploits space that is often left unused.