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Racking in a Fiat Ducato used for servicing and repairing industrial refrigeration and ventilation systems

Racking in a Ducato operated by a refrigeration service company

The racking system described on this page is installed in a Fiat Ducato owned by a company that maintains and repairs industrial and commercial refrigeration and ventilation systems. The van plays an essential role in the company’s logistics, as it transports tools, material and spares – some quite large – as well as potentially hazardous items like cylinders containing refrigerant gases. The racking components seen here are from Syncro’s innovative Ultra system, designed to multiply an already impressive number of racking combinations almost to infinity.

Floor and wall liners

There’s one phase in the design and installation of a racking system that Syncro always takes care to recommend: the fitting of proper floor and bodywork liners. This can even be mandatory if the vehicle is used to carry food or pharmaceutical products.  In the van shown here, nearly all interior surfaces are protected: 

Liners also provide rigid support for the racking. 

Drawers, case trays and shelves: there’s room for everything

Storage space is organised in the most rational manner: 

  • Along the left side wall are two columns of open shelves, each with a non-slip mat for carrying tools, equipment and all kinds of frequently used items; 

  • The racking on the right wall consists of a column of metal drawers and a second column of case trays. This area serves as the customer’s mobile warehouse and provides secure and orderly storage for his power tools, sundries and spare parts. Security is guaranteed by automatic locking devices on all the drawers and case trays: once closed, there is no risk of any drawer or tray opening accidentally and causing chaos when the van is travelling.  

Case retaining system and pull-out vice bench

The Ducato’s racking is completed by a bar and strap case retaining system and a pull-out bench with a metal vice. This latter accessory is extremely useful for carrying out small repairs and adjustments on site. The bench extends in next to no time and is strong enough to resist loads and hammering.

Safe transport of gas cylinders

The transport of cylinders containing potentially flammable or even explosive gases demands special attention to safety. In fact, compliance with certain standards is mandatory, as specified in road transport legislation based on the ADR - The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road):

  • Cylinders must be secured to prevent them moving around or falling over inside the vehicle. The Syncro team has fitted retaining systems at three different heights on the bulkhead, using rails, hooks and straps to secure heavy, floor-standing cylinders even of different sizes. 

  • The vehicle must be adequately ventilated. This has been achieved by the installation of a vent in the middle of the floor. A adequate exchange of air is therefore guaranteed whether the vehicle is stationary or moving.