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A Doblò for all kinds of job

If you need an all-purpose van to repair and service systems and equipment, you’ll probably opt for a small to medium size vehicle that is versatile enough to satisfy your needs and compact enough to be practical in all logistic situations. This page shows a typical example: a Fiat Doblò with Syncro System racking for a tradesman who provides maintenance and repair services for electrical, plumbing and air conditioning systems.

A floor liner with superior grip

Let’s examine this installation as we normally do, starting from the liners. In this case the floor is protected by a plywood liner made by heating, pressing and gluing together 9 plies of birch wood using humidity-resistant phenolic resin. The result is an amazingly strong material. Here it is complemented by a tough rubber coating.
This surface finish offers class-leading grip and virtually eliminates the risk of slipping and falling.

Racking on one side only: plenty of space for orderly storage

The customer expressly requested a racking system that provides plenty of storage but does not take up too much floor space in the back of the van as some of the spares and equipment he needs to transport are quite large.
Well, that request was easy enough to satisfy! The Syncro team installed a custom-made racking system on the left side of the van only. The right side wall was then fitted with a simple tool rack panel and the bulkhead was given a bar and strap cargo retaining system. Both these accessories lie almost flush with the wall, taking up only a few centimetres of valuable cargo space.

Syncro racking: limitless combinations

Though ultra-compact, the racking installed on the left of this Fiat Doblò perfectly illustrates the versatility and modularity of Syncro products.
What appears on first glance to be a single racking module actually contains:

All Syncro drawers and containers are fitted with an automatic locking mechanism that holds them securely shut when the van is on the road, making accidental opening impossible. It only takes a simple gesture for the operator to open them when needed.

The bar and strap cargo retaining system: a universal accessory

The cargo retaining system on the bulkhead consists of a simple metal bar with a robust strap. This practical accessory comes in a range of models and sizes and is the most popular way of keeping all kinds of cargo and equipment securely in place inside the van.
All Syncro System straps are homologated to DIN EN 12 195-2 as declared on their mandatory labels.