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A van with super-protection! 

Syncro van conversions can be limited to liners alone. This Renault Master is a great example. Every part of the cargo compartment is protected with Syncro System’s made-to-measure and pre-drilled liners. The company that commissioned this particular job works in the paper trade and uses the van to transport very heavy pallets.

The customer’s needs

Given how this Master will be used, the customer listed 3 basic requirem

  • 1. To keep the floor 100% free to optimise transport times and costs;

  • 2. To prevent the daily transport, loading and unloading of heavy pallets denting and scratching the bodywork and leading to premature deterioration; 

  • 3. To stop heavy loads damaging the floor.

Syncro’s solution for this Master

The first solution the Syncro team proposed actually solves the third requirement. The van’s original floor is protected by a double liner that dramatically increases the floor’s strength. A liner made from 9 mm thick plywood is fitted directly over the floor and this in turn is covered with aluminium tread plate panels. This double liner completely eliminates all risk of heavy cargo denting the floor or causing it to sag. On top of this, the finished floor looks attractive, is easy to clean and boasts a non-slip surface. 
Panels made from the same aluminium tread plate are also used to cover the bumper, the bulkhead and the inward facing surfaces of the wheel arch covers, the upper parts being finished in galvanised steel. 
The remaining surfaces, i.e. the walls and doors are completely lined in prepainted steel panels.

An investment open to further development

Syncro van racking solutions offer total flexibility in the combination of different elements. All kinds of racking could be installed at a later date in the Master shown here. If the customer ever decides to use the van for a different purpose, he could fit it out as a mobile workshop in next to no time simply by asking Syncro to install whatever drawers, shelves, work benches or accessories (like cable holders or cargo retaining systems) he needs, using this exceptionally robust lining system to secure them. 
And if he decides to sell the van? A well-protected van gains value rather than losing it over time. The only wear will be the inevitable wear and tear on the mechanical components. The interior of the van will remain in perfect condition even after years of regular use, with no scratches, dents or unsightly rust to spoil the bodywork!

Ask Syncro for a quote for lining your Master. And if you need a complete racking system, view this section or the others listed to the side of this page.