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The more a firm offers tailor-made servicing solutions, the more it needs a fully customised van to work from. This is certainly true of this old model Mercedes Sprinter owned by a company that designs, installs and services civil and industrial plant and systems. 

The customer’s needs 

The customer presented the Syncro team with the following requirements: 

  • A racking system versatile enough to allow the van to be used for all kinds of work, from quote preparation and system design to scheduled servicing, repairs and after-sales assistance; 

  • Large storage compartments that can be divided into smaller ones as and when needed; 

  • Enough space to carry a large number of tool cases and component cases

The custom solution for this Sprinter. Step one: protection

The Syncro Ultra racking system can exploit all available space, dividing and arranging it exactly as needed. In this case, as with nearly all van racking solutions, before the racking itself was installed, the van’s doors and walls were protected with liners in prepainted aluminium sheet. This small precaution greatly extends the working life of the van by preventing dents and scratches.

Step two: dividing up the space in the back of the Sprinter

With the liners in place, it was time to start arranging the space inside the van. The Sprinter is divided into three distinct areas: 

  • The bulkhead: dedicated to the transport of additional cargo and equipped with a cargo retaining system based on an aluminium bar secured to the bulkhead and movable straps. 

  • The left side wall: dedicated mainly to the storage of medium size tools and materials, this area is equipped with a set of plain shelves complete with non-slip mats. Each shelf can be divided into separate compartments if needed, simply by fitting aluminium space dividers. The part of wall near the bulkhead is fitted with two bar-and-strap lashing systems to provide a larger area for transporting bulky cargo. 

  • The right side wall: dedicated almost entirely to the transport of tool cases. A total of three strap-type case retaining systems are fitted, one above the other. An open shelf is fitted at the top of the racking. 

Ultra system side panels have uniformly spaced holes and are therefore ideal for installing all kinds of accessories, like the cable holder fitted at the side door. 
All Syncro racking systems can be extended or modified at a later date. Accessories can be added, and racking elements moved, re-combined or added, like drawers, shelves of plastic containers or transparent containers, and even work benches, lockers and vice benches.

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