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You need a special solution to carry special loads! The owners of this van run an engine oil supply company and need to transport full oil drums, which are both bulky and extremely heavy. How could this be done? The Syncro System team came up with a solution that is both simple and effective. Why not install a mini hoist specially designed for van use with a lifting capacity chosen to match the heavy drums of oil?

The van hoist: characteristics and fixing method

The ML250 van hoist installed in this vehicle is made by Penny Hydraulics, a UK company for which Syncro System is Italian distributor. The hoist is light in weight but extremely robust and is rated for loads of 200 kg. That makes it perfect for this particular van, which carries 200 litre oil drums.
Lifting power is provided by a 12 V electric hoist complete with lifting hook and remote control.
Positioning is achieved by a swivelling, extensible arm, with manually operated telescopic action and rotation around a fixed support post.
The support post, which is essential for ensuring stability and for not over-stressing the van’s bodywork, is cut and shaped to suit the design of the van at Syncro System’s works in Cassola (near Vicenza, Italy).
Thanks to this powerful little hoist, operators need only connect the hook to the load, press the red button on the remote control and manually guide the load into position. It only takes a matter of minutes to lift and load (or unload) all the drums needed for every trip.

Advantages of the van hoist

Syncro System van hoists:

  • Eliminate the physical effort needed to lift heavy loads

  • Minimise the risk of accidents and injuries

  • Occupy very little floor space (because they fold away when not in use)

  • Add very little to the weight of your van

Syncro equipment makes for lighter work!

The Syncro System design team works tirelessly to improve the daily lives of van users, focusing especially on making heavy jobs safer, lighter and easier.
Among various items of equipment designed to reduce the effort of lifting and moving cargo, the Syncro catalogue offers:

  • 1. Loading ramps and platforms. Ideal for loading and unloading equipment with wheels or cargo carried on a pallet trolley. Ramps can be fixed or removable (portable) and come in a range of load capacities.

  • 2. Slides. These are installed inside the cargo compartment and allow you to pull out equipment or cargo on ball-bearing mounted, telescopic runners. Syncro slides can be used to carry compressors and generators, transport coffins or even provide safe storage for small vans and pick-ups.

  • 3. For use with van roof racks, Syncro also supplies and installs rear rollers that let you slide equipment forwards and backwards to load or unload it.

  • 4. Also designed for roof installation, Syncro ladder racks can be fitted with either a tilting mechanism that pivots just beyond the centre of gravity to reduce operator effort, or a special descent mechanism with gas spring damping.