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Custom racking for the Caddy, from Syncro

The amazing modularity and flexibility of Syncro System racking guarantees superb results even in small vans. Every installation is custom-designed to meet the needs of the van owner, on the basis of the model of van, the type of work it will be used for and the investment the owner wishes to make. Taking all these factors into consideration, the Syncro team can, in next to no time, come up with a unique, personal solution that is guaranteed to save time and money for years to come.

Small but complete: the Caddy’s mobile workshop

The photo gallery on this page illustrates a great example of a complete workshop in a small space. The van is a Volkswagen Caddy, a compact vehicle with a very limited cargo compartment. Its size, however, has certainly not restricted the imagination and design skills of the Syncro team, who have installed an efficient mobile workshop, complete with containers, air compressor, cable reels and a bench with a metal vice. The finished van contains everything its owner, a Scania truck dealer, needs to assist his customers with professionalism and competence.

The racking: shelves and drawers

Left side wall
The racking on this side consists of a column of closed shelves and metal drawers with two full-length open shelves at the top, over the open space at the van’s bulkhead where the air compressor is housed.
Right side wall
This side provides more shelves (some closed, others open) and more drawers plus a pull-out vice bench.

The mobile air compressor

The compressor is installed in an open compartment between the left side racking and the bulkhead, covered by full-length shelves at the top. The compressor delivers 330 l/min of air and incorporates a 24-litre tank. Thanks to OILLESS technology, this model requires very little maintenance. Its compact, vertical design allows it to fit into small spaces, while a robust handle makes light work of moving and lifting it.
The compressor is an S1-class unit, meaning that it is capable of continuous 24-hour operation even at ambient temperatures below zero.


As is so often the case, the potential of this Caddy has been greatly enhanced by the installation of a few carefully selected accessories. The van is fitted with two cable reels, one for the power cable to the compressor and the other, fitted to the racking at the side door, for an extension cable and torch.
Another two accessories satisfy the user’s cleaning needs: a handwash kit consisting of a water container and tap has been fitted to one of the rear doors while a paper roll holder has been added to the back of the left side racking.
Last but not least, an LED light has been fitted to the cross-member above the rear doors to ensure adequate illumination inside the van under all ambient light conditions.