A Volkswagen Crafter with racking for machinery installers
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A Volkswagen Crafter with racking for machinery installers

All van users have one need in common: the need to use their vans as travelling workshops for jobs away from base. This one need, of course, gives rise to innumerable specific requests, depending on the work of the van operator. The photo gallery on this page shows a Volkswagen Crafter with racking customised to meet the needs of a business that installs, removes and services machinery. The model of van this company operates is one of the largest in the field of light commercials and boasts a particularly spacious cargo compartment. Its owners asked Syncro to satisfy the following requests:

  • To keep the cargo space as free as possible to permit the loading of equipment and spares that can be quite large in size;

  • To protect every inch of the interior as effectively as possible, since heavy and bulky equipment and machinery has to be loaded and unloaded daily;

  • To have a practical and accessible work area with storage for tools and sundries similar to that available in a fixed workshop, but obviously on a smaller scale.

Let’s see how the Syncro team managed to satisfy the customer’s requirements in this Crafter.

Total protection for the VW Crafter

Syncro van liners perform two basic roles: they protect the bodywork against impact and damp and also provide a rigid surface for anchoring the racking modules.
In this VW Crafter operated by a machinery installation and maintenance service, our main objective was to protect every inch of the van's body against accidental impact by the large items of equipment and spares that have to be loaded, transported and unloaded on a daily basis.
This requirement explains the customer’s decision to line not just the floor and walls but the roof too. For the floor, the customer specified a marble-look plywood liner that is both tough and extremely easy to clean. The side walls, roof and doors are lined with painted metal panels.
The photos also show an important detail that improves the safety and strength of the floor, especially in the presence of heavy loads: the door thresholds are finished with special, certified non-slip, stainless steel edging.

Minimal racking with a workshop area in the Crafter

The only surface left unprotected in this Crafter is the bulkhead, which has been transformed into a workshop area with all the necessary storage facilities. The racking at the bulkhead consists of a work bench with a marble-look plywood top and raised edges at the sides and rear. Six metal drawers with internal space dividers and non-slip rubber mats are located under the work top and provide storage for tools, while a cabinet of transparent plastic containers is provided at the top of the bulkhead as orderly storage for small spares and sundries. A full-length tray has been fitted at the top of the right side wall to carry long items. Three essential accessories (a paper roll holder, a water canister with tap and a soap dispenser) allow the operator to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at all times.
Last but not least, this Crafter has also been fitted with LED ceiling lights to provide effective illumination even in the absence of natural light.