A boiler technician’s Ford Courier
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A boiler technician’s Ford Courier


Boiler technicians have to install, service and repair boilers and central heating systems and analyse combustion fumes too. Technicians need to pass an exam in order to obtain a qualification that demonstrates they are able to work in a way that ensures their own safety and that of their customers. And, of course, they need a van to carry their tools and materials from their base to their customers’ premises. The van has to be big enough to serve the needs of the job, whether the technician specialises in domestic or industrial boilers. Above all, it requires a generous cargo space and plenty of containers for carrying tools, spare parts and sundries. Ideally, there should also be accessories for making work easier and more productive. The 2014 Ford Courier is compact and agile to drive and provides a decent cargo space too; it is therefore an extremely popular choice among boiler technicians. 
Syncro System can fit the Courier with racking that is sure to boost the owner’s competitiveness and professional image, virtually eliminate idle time and dramatically improve tidiness and efficiency! 
Let’s have a closer look at a 2014 Ford Courier with racking for a boiler service.


As usual, the Syncro installation team started by fitting liners in the cargo compartment. When the van is delivered to its new owner, it is effectively “naked” inside and the thin body panels are completely exposed to falling cargo and accidental spillages that can easily lead to dents, scratches and corrosion. Syncro System therefore always advises customers to fit custom liners. After all, just a few hours of easy work will keep your van looking good for years to come. 
In this particular Ford Courier, the customer chose to fit a floor liner made from marble-look plywood. This special finish is bright in appearance, beautifully easy to clean, and offers good grip too.


Given that the side door is located on the right of this van, the customer and the Syncro team agreed to concentrate most of the storage on the left side, the full height and length of which is easy to exploit. 
Standing on the floor is an open wheel arch cabinet with a sliding shuttle for securing tool and component cases. Above this are two large metal drawers with recessed handles, followed by two levels of removable, transparent Multibox containers. At the very top of the column, occupying all the remaining space up to roof level, is a cabinet of smaller, tilting, removable containers. 
The right side wall has also been fitted with cabinets of transparent containers. These practical containers offer a series of benefits: because it is easy to see what is inside, the right one can be identified immediately and stock levels can be kept under control at a glance too.


The racking in this boiler service’s Ford Courier is complemented by a number of practical accessories that turn the van into an effective travelling workshop. 
On the left you can see a pull-out vice bench sandwiched between one cabinet and the next. The smart design of this accessory allows it to occupy very little space when not in use, and to convert into a robust work bench for repairs and modifications in just a few seconds. 
The outside wall of the wheel arch cabinet has been fitted with a first aid kit, an indispensable aid for dealing with minor accidents on the job. 
Finally, the bulkhead grille between the van body and the cab has been equipped with two cargo retention systems capable of securing even large items and consisting of metal bars with hooks and super-strong straps.