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Syncro System works hard every day to find new products capable of better satisfying your needs! Here we are today with a whole range of 12V compressors to complement the 220V compressor range presented here.

Who needs a 12V compressor?

12V compressors are portable models that can be powered directly from your van’s battery and are compact and lightweight.
They are a great choice for anybody who wants to work independently of a mains supply and does not want to install a generator and inverter. They are ideal for the occasional but professional use of compressed air driven tools.

The characteristics of Syncro’s 12V compressors

The 12V compressors available from Syncro are all professional units: light, compact, portable and with superb performance and a long working life. They are all designed for extended periods of functioning. All of them are equipped with:

  • reliable, 100% Italian electric motors

  • a casing in die-cast aluminium

  • valves in stainless steel

  • a dual pressure gauge for monitoring the pressure of the tank and the supply line

  • a manual air output pressure regulator

  • an on-off button

Because they are all dry (oilless) compressors, they do not need lubricant, meaning lower operating and maintenance costs.
Prices are low and extremely competitive given the excellent performance!

The Syncro range: from 110 to 250 litres a minute

In Syncro System’s new compressor catalogue you will find:

1. The Silverstone 2 compressor. The smallest in the range: only 41x15x39 cm. With a single cylinder compressor head and a 5-litre tank, and with an air output of 110 l/minute. .
2. The Esprit 3t compressor. Powerful but compact, measuring only 45x24x28 cm. With a twin-cylinder boxer compressor head, a handle at the top and a 5-litre tank. Maximum air output is 225 l/minute. This model is the most silent-running of the three.
3. The Extreme 3 compressor. The most powerful in the range, with a twin-cylinder V compressor head and a 7-litre tank. This model boasts an output of up to 250 l/min and has an ergonomic handle for easy transport. Dimensions: 41x40x40 cm.

Syncro’s complete compressor range: here the 220V models

Syncro’s compressor range also includes:

  • a 350 l/min, 220V, oil type vertical compressor with a 90-litre tank

  • a 330 l/min, 220V, oilless vertical compressor with a 3, 24 or 50-litre tank

  • a super-silent, 240 l/min, 220V, oilless vertical compressor with a 50-litre tank

  • a 110 l/min, 220V, oilless mini-compressor with a 5-litre air tank

  • an 80-litre, aluminium supplementary air tank (also compatible with Syncro’s 12V compressors)

For further information on the compressors, generators and inverters distributed and installed by Syncro System, click here.