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Van racking solutions for gas equipment and systems used for winemaking

Van conversion for gas systems used in winemaking

The world of winemaking has also matured with time. Producing fine wines today requires wine makers to be involved with a series of technological systems that, in turn, require maintenance and servicing by specialized technicians.

To carry out maintenance, repairs, and replacement of parts on the equipment, you need a converted commercial vehicle that performs as a workshop on wheels – ready to meet all the needs of the technicians on site, in order to keep the winemaking gas systems up and working.

In the photos on this page, we see a DUCATO FIAT converted by the Syncro System team for a contracting firm in the winemaking sector. Servicing the nitrogen and inert gas systems used to protect the wine while in the large tanks, in the microfiltration of wine, in the production system, for washing out tubes, and in the production of sparkling wines.

Commercial vehicle used for servicing gas systems in winemaking: protection of van’s interior surfaces

The protective paneling for the van cargo space was the first step in converting this large commercial van that this company chose as its commercial vehicle providing on-site assistance to the gas systems used in winemaking.

We mounted a resin-coated, anti-slip wooden floor panel, ideal for on-site work carried out where there is a humidity factor. It reduces the risk of workers slipping and facilitates clean up after the job is carried out.

The walls have been protected with pre-coated steel paneling, also easy to clean, and they create an optimal base for mounting the racking components and accessories.

Also falling under the section ‘van protection,’ is the internal aeration system that plays a critical role in the protection of workers on board a van who transport potentially explosive gases that could cause fires. On this Ducato, we ensured adequate airflow throughout the cargo space by placing two vents, one in the upper part near the rear door and another one near the side door.

Commercial vehicle used for servicing gas systems in winemaking: conversion

Left-hand side racking solution
This side is the work area of the mobile workshop. Above the wheel arch frame (with door panel), we mounted a metal drawer unit for tool and spare parts storage. Above that, you see a wooden worktop with vise, where it’s possible to carry out a multitude of small jobs, just as one would in a real workshop. In the area alongside it, we see a second wheel arch frame. This one has been equipped with the safe case storage system and at the top, we placed a wooden shelf that is perfect for storing and transporting gas tanks, which are safely held in position by a system of a track and clasps.
At the very top, we added the extra-long storage shelf for elongated objects. The long-item storage kit for industrial drill bits was mounted on the side panel of the racking unit.
Right-hand side racking solution
This side is more like the ‘warehouse’ of the mobile workshop. We placed a third wheel arch frame, a few metal drawer units, a locker for work clothes, shoes, and some convenient shelves. There is definitely not a lack of storage space. To finish off this side, we added a drop-down worktop / vise base, with vise and a paper towel roll holder.
Along the bulkhead
All types of other materials or cleaning equipment can be quickly and safely stored along the bulkhead, thanks to a custom fit track with tie down straps.