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Strength above all

It’s important to understand that fitting robust bodywork liners is the essential first phase of any racking installation. Strength is key. By protecting the thin sheet metal used to form the load compartment, you can exponentially increase the resistance of your van’s bodywork to dents and scratches and create a practically wear-proof floor surface. 
Proper liners also help your van resist the passage of time and the effects of regular use. This means they actually save you money by avoiding expensive bodywork repairs or, in the worst case, having to buy a new van. 
What we’ve said so far refers to “normal” Syncro liners, but these photos show a Fiat Doblò with a “special” floor liner designed for exceptional strength. Let’s take a closer look!

Super-protection for a Fiat Doblò: a double floor liner

The owner of this particular Fiat Doblò uses his van to carry particularly heavy loads that could easily damage a conventional floor liner. When he came to us at Syncro System, he asked us to fit a floor liner that was even stronger than those we have in our catalogue, which are already extremely tough. 
Our answer to his request was simple but effective: a double floor liner. First of all we covered the van’s original floor with a 9 mm thick plywood liner. The edges of this were then reinforced with steel profiles at the doors. Finally, on top of this we fitted a second, 2 mm thick, aluminium tread plate liner. The resulting floor is virtually bomb-proof!

The Doblò’s other liners: walls, doors, bulkhead and wheel arches

An attractive overall look was ensured by the installation of protective liners covering the tops of the walls and doors, again in aluminium tread plate. Even the bulkhead was covered in the same material, creating a striking effect of continuity with the floor. 
The same material was chosen to cover the inside edges of the wheel arches while the tops were covered in steel sheet.o.

Syncro System’s van lining options

Syncro System offers a wide range of linings for the inside of your van: 

You can have your van lined with just one type of material or choose the right combination to suit your needs and match your stylistic preferences.

Interested in lining your van?

Just get in touch with your nearest Syncro System dealer. All Syncro floor and wall lining panels are cut to size at our own production plant in San Zeno di Cassola near Vicenza, in northern Italy. This means they come perfectly shaped and pre-drilled for rapid installation whatever your make and model of van. Syncro liners are available from all Syncro dealers in Italy and worldwide.