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The “tough guy” of the pickup world, equipped by Syncro System

To describe this pick up, you have to resort to words like “imposing” and “massive”.  The Dodge Ram is an American-made pickup designed for wide open spaces and long-distance travel on roads where its almost 6 metres of length and over 2.3 tons of weight can pass unnoticed. The Ram’s manufacturer, FCA, recently decided to target the European market using innovative materials to reduce weight, offering bi-fuel, petrol-LPG and petrol-methane engines and adding electronic and digital devices for greater driving comfort. 
Here we can see a four-door Dodge Ram fitted with a pull-out slide by Syncro System in Italy..

A pull-out slide on a Dodge Ram

Given the limited depth and great length of the pickup bed, the owner of this Dodge Ram needed a way to access material in the back more easily. Syncro System’s proposal was to install a product especially designed for pickups: a pull-out slide
The version fitted to this particular vehicle rests on a pair of aluminium profiles capable of supporting a load of 200 kg. The guides are cut to length, so the product can adapt to any model of pickup. The mechanism opens on ball-bearing mounted plastic wheels. 
To release and extract the slide, all you need to do is press the yellow button located between the two ergonomic handles, then pull the slide rearwards. The slide is released and closed in the same way, pushing inwards instead of pulling. 
There are even intermediate holding positions between “fully closed” and “fully open”. 
Over the slide mechanism itself is a plywood panel with a marble-look coating that acts as load surface.

Syncro under-floor drawers: rearward opening storage for pickups

The Dodge Ram comes with an upward-opening hard cover that protects the contents of its pickup bed. Most other pickup models, however, have an open bed in which materials are exposed to the weather and prying eyes. Syncro System has developed a great storage solution for these models: under-floor drawers for pickups, consisting of a rearward-opening drawer (mounted on a ball-bearing mechanism very similar to that of the slide) and a fixed panel of aluminium tread plate that provides a new, walkable surface and water-proof protection for the drawer contents beneath.

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