A Fiat Talento with racking for a masonry finishing business
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A Fiat Talento with racking for a masonry finishing business

A Fiat Talento transformed into a mobile workshop for a construction firm

Masonry finishing plays an important role in most construction, refurbishment and building maintenance projects. The customer who owns the Fiat Talento presented on this page runs a medium size construction business that undertakes external wall finishing work, among other jobs.
The customer came to Syncro System to fit out a small fleet of vans to offer more effective support for his team and to provide all the cargo space, racking and accessories needed to make work on site faster and more efficient. Let’s take a closer look.

Customised racking for a Fiat Talento

Syncro System’s installation team designed this racking system for a Talento on the basis of specific customer requests. The installation features:

Secure storage for a Talento

This Syncro System racking system allows the Fiat Talento to carry everything needed to work on site autonomously and continuously throughout the working day. The left side wall is fitted with two adjacent columns of racking while a single column is installed on the right side wall.
The various racking modules are designed for different purposes. At floor level, two wheel arch cabinets are fitted with part-height doors that do not fully close the space inside but nevertheless stop contents sliding around when the van is moving. A third cabinet has been left open and is fitted with a sliding shuttle and ratchet locking system to provide practical storage for cases. The installation also includes plenty of open shelves with non-slip mats and space dividers, and a number of metal drawers and removable plastic containers.
These two types of pull-out container are very different in design. The metal drawers are robust and capacious and slide all the way out on ball-bearing mounted runners: they provide ideal storage for all kinds of medium size objects and tools. The transparent containers are specially designed to carry small parts and sundries. The clear plastic material allows users to see exactly what is inside, saving a great deal of time over a complete working day. Their compact size permits a large number of different items to be carried in a limited amount of space.

Plenty of room for cargo and a workshop corner too

One of the customer’s key demands was to be able to perform small jobs on board. While this requirement could have been satisfied by a fixed work surface, the customer chose a fold-away vice bench. This smart accessory satisfies two important needs: it provides a robust bench for working on site and it folds away to occupy very little space when not in use.
In this Talento racking system, only a minimum of floor space has been used in order to carry more cargo, including bulky items like buckets of paint, ladders and scaffolding platforms. To ensure that items like these are transported safely, the bulkhead has been fitted with a metal bar and strap cargo retaining system.