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Syncro System is proud to present a new surface for its plywood floor liners: rice-grain rubber.
The structural core of the liner remains unchanged: the same birch plywood that Syncro System has been using for years, chosen for its excellent resistance to mechanical stress and humidity.
What is new is the surface you walk on, the finish that remains visible at all times.
Syncro’s new rubber coating has a light-coloured, relief rice-grain pattern that offers tremendous advantages for the van user:

  • 1. Amazing grip. The new coating offers 30% more grip that any other commercially available finish. This makes it the ideal floor surface for frequent loading and unloading and for van workshops in which repair and assembly work is carried out.

  • 2. A brighter interior. The light-coloured floor reflects both natural and artificial light, making the interior of the van brighter and more pleasant to work in.

  • 3. Water resistance. The new surface coating creates a highly waterproof van floor.  

  • 4. Functionality and durability. The new surface is extremely resistant to wear, making it ideal for daily use and ensuring an extended working life.

Why choose a plywood floor liner

Syncro System has put a great deal of effort into selecting the best available plywood to make its van floor liners. This is because the liner serves as a base for all the racking modules, a support surface for all kinds of cargo, and a floor that is walked on many times a day.
Syncro liners are made from 9-ply birch plywood that is first heated to make it flexible, then dried, assembled using phenolic adhesive and finally pressed at high temperature.
This process confers excellent strength and durability on the end product, making it the perfect material for use in van floor liners.
Syncro System cuts the finished plywood sheets to size and drills all the necessary holes at its own factory in San Zeno di Cassola, in order to provide branches and dealers with liners that are ready for immediate installation, whatever the model of van.