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Your pickup has never seen such functionality! The latest version of Syncro’s under-floor drawers lets you make full use of the space in your pickup, is superbly practical, and keeps all your materials secure and tidy!

Why buy an under-floor drawer for your pickup?

There are plenty of good reasons for equipping your pickup with the 2017 version of Syncro System’s popular under-floor drawer:

  • 1. Twice the space: Your pickup’s load bed provides plenty of carrying space but is completely open and has no walls for fitting storage modules. The combination of a pull-out drawer at the bottom and a load-resistant floor panel on top provides you with twice the surface area for storage!

  • 2. Tidy contents: The metal drawer can be divided into different compartments using Syncro’s metal space dividers. This makes it easy to keep tools and materials separate inside the same storage module.

  • 3. Security: The back of your pickup is completely open and offers no protection against the weather. The floor panel over the drawer provides both security and protection!

  • 4. Privacy and secrecy: The drawer is hidden by the floor on top and by your pickup’s tailgate at the back. From the outside, you’d never know it’s there! And that’s not all! Another lockable storage compartment, with access from above, is located just behind the cab.

  • 5. Ease of use: The drawer is equipped with a practical release button and ergonomic handles for easy opening and closing. A number of intermediate holding positions make drawer operation even more flexible.

More about Syncro’s 2017 under-floor drawer

The structure of the system allows the drawer to be opened completely, and the addition of ball bearing runners makes the action of opening and closing the drawer smoother than ever.
The drawer is fitted with a non-slip mat and can be divided into different compartments using the dividers provided.
A floor panel, preferably in aluminium tread plate to resist exposure to rain and sun, covers the entire drawer structure and provides a walkable, load-bearing floor in the back of your pickup. At the front of the floor, just behind the cab, a lockable cover with handles provides access to another storage compartment.
The new floor panel can support even heavy loads and can be used to carry goods and equipment, if necessary secured with one of Syncro’s cargo retaining systems.

Whether you use your pickup for work or pleasure, don’t miss out on this new under-floor drawer from Syncro System. Call us now to book a no-obligation appointment!