New Syncro video illustrating custom racking for a railway maintenance company
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New Syncro video illustrating custom racking for a railway maintenance company

Custom racking solutions are one of Syncro System’s key strengths. Our ability to customise our racking to meet specific customer needs makes us unique in the van racking sector.
This video illustrates a great example of a Syncro customised racking system in a Fiat Ducato. In this case, the customer specialises in railway maintenance services.

Protection, safety and security

From the very first images, this new Syncro video highlights the strengths of Syncro System racking: protection for the van bodywork based on pre-shaped floor, wall and door liners, safety for operators, and security for contents. The question of safety is of particular importance to Syncro System and a whole series of technical and structural solutions have been adopted to protect operators: Syncro storage modules even boast GS Proven Safety certification issued by TUV Rheinland.
Syncro has also fitted a special lock to the van’s rear doors to safeguard the cargo against potential thieves.

A custom racking solution for railway maintenance

The video goes on to show the racking inside the van, starting with the left side wall, which is equipped with a wheel arch cabinet with door, a series of case trays, open shelves, shelves of plastic containers and a rack of metal canisters. The storage on this side is completed by a full length top tray for long items of cargo.
Accessories on the left side includes a hoist with remote control, the perfect solution for effortlessly loading and unloading heavy items of all kinds.
Next, the video moves to the right side wall racking, which comprises metal drawers and plastic containers and also includes a vice with a fold-away support.
The last section of interior racking illustrated by the video is that at the bulkhead. Here we see how a practical worktop also provides protection for a compressor-generator combo installed beneath.
After a final glimpse at the interior accessories that make this van so practical, the video takes us outside. The roof of this Ducato is equipped with a damped action ladder rack and a square section metal transport tube with a simplified extraction system.

Syncro System videos

Syncro System is continuously producing new videos to demonstrate the vast potential of Syncro van racking.
To find out more about Syncro products, or to see other examples of Syncro custom racking solutions, visit this page of our website!