New plastic cans
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Syncro System supplies a vast range of accessories to make your van racking more functional. One of these is the new plastic can. The new can is specially designed to contain liquids like oil or fuel. It is made from tough plastic and comes complete with a cap and non-drip spout that makes it easy to pour without spillage.

New feature: level indicator

To improve functionality even further, the new Syncro System can incorporates a level indicator. This consists of a line of clear plastic running up the front of the can that lets you see exactly how much liquid is inside.
This smart feature means no more nasty surprises when you find a can is empty! From now on you’ll be able to see when to top it up!

Made to measure for your van: the Syncro can holder

You can secure the can with straps, of course, but Syncro’s dedicated aluminium can holder makes the transport of liquids safer and more convenient than ever. The holder stops the can moving around and prevents it from falling over even on the roughest roads. No more surprises on arrival!

100% safe transport of liquids? Choose our stainless-steel tray

Any container filled with liquid can leak or drip despite careful storage, sealed caps and non-drip spouts. Luckily, Syncro System has the answer! To keep your van perfectly clean and free from oil spillages, simply install a stainless-steel tray for the transport of liquids. The tray is compatible with all Syncro cans, easy to install and clean and totally leak-free thanks to welded joins.