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Racking for a railway maintenance company 
This page illustrates a Syncro System racking solution in a Fiat Ducato operated by a railway maintenance company. 

Racking for vehicle electricians 
If you are looking for a custom racking system for a specialist in the installation, repair and roadside assistance of electrical and electronic vehicle systems, look no further! Click here to find what you are looking for. 

Upfit for gantry technical assistance 
Even a small van can make a perfectly functional vehicle for servicing large machines. Click here, for example, to see how a simple shelving unit can be invaluable when you also have to carry large spare parts and tools.

Upfit for a tannery service engineer
Technical assistance work inside tanneries requires special equipment, and this has to be carried inside the van. Protective lining is therefore needed to keep the interior clean and tidy. Click here to look inside a Renault Master equipped by Syncro to meet the needs of a tannery service engineer.

Upfit for agricultural mechanics 
A large number of service centres specialise in providing technical assistance for agricultural machinery, and in 99% of cases their mechanics need to travel to the customer's farm to do their job. Click here to see a custom van upfit designed to give agri-mechanics complete autonomy on the move.

Racking for compressor technicians 
If you want to know how to transport a compressor in your van in complete safety, or if you need bright ideas for upfitting a van for compressor maintenance and assistance, have a look at this page for an example with photographs.

Racking for fork lift service technicians 
Click here to see how Syncro System transformed this particular van into a customised mobile workshop for a company specialising in the sale, hire, maintenance and repair of fork lift trucks. 

Racking for transporting industrial cleaning machines  
Van racking systems for carrying industrial cleaning machines need to include a work bench, cargo lashing systems and most importantly, a loading ramp able to withstand the weight of heavy equipment. To see a good example, click here.