Racking for a plumbing business, in an Opel Vivaro L1 H2
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Racking for a plumbing business, in an Opel Vivaro L1 H2

Another success story for Syncro: an Opel Vivaro fitted with everything needed for an efficient plumbing business!


The Opel Vivaro is a medium size van that combines an attractive design with a generous load compartment and relatively compact overall dimensions.
After being completely renewed in 2014, the Vivaro has become one of the most popular vans on the market. It is also sold as the Renault Trafic and Nissan Primastar.
The Vivaro is available w plumbing business.


But let’s proceed one step at a time. The first stage in the preparation process was the installation of floor and wall liners. Syncro installers fitted a 12 mm thick, resinated plywood floor liner with stainless steel, non-slip, protective edging at the doors and cut-outs for cargo anchors.
The bulkhead was covered with a liner made from the same material: 12 mm thick, lightweight but strong resinated plywood.
All parts of the body at risk of damage from shifting cargo or daily operations were then lined with protective panels in galvanised and painted steel, cut to size by precision laser cutting machines.
The racking on the left side wall consists of two wheel arch cabinets at the bottom, one closed by a patented lift-and-rotate door and the other left open to stow cases and other items of equipment.
Above these are twelve steel drawers with telescopic ball-bearing runners, automatic locking mechanisms, rubber mats and dividers.
On top of these are three levels of trapezoid shelving (higher at the back than at the front), also fitted with mats and dividers.
At the very top, the walls of the Vivaro H2 curve inwards, creating an area that is difficult to use. To exploit this tight space, Syncro's installers fitted two reduced length, high strength steel cabinets with drawers in transparent PMMA. Transparent drawers let users identify contents immediately, and are also easy to remove - two key features that makes them practical alternatives where other forms of storage would be useless.
Proceeding from the bottom up, the racking on the right side consists of a wheel arch cabinet with a lift-and-rotate door, followed by a set of four removable polypropylene containers. Above these are 6 shelves, all with non-slip mats and aluminium dividers.
The operator of this Vivaro also chose two useful accessories from the vast Syncro range: a paper roll holder and a lashing strap for securing cases in the open wheel arch cabinet on the left of the van.
Yet another mission accomplished for the Syncro team! The racking in this Vivaro helped the customer to improve his efficiency as a plumber by keeping all his materials and tools in perfect order while leaving plenty of free space in the middle of the load compartment for moving around and working.