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This page looks at a Syncro racking system in a large Fiat Ducato operated by a company that installs commercial and industrial electrical systems and also supplies electrical components and spares. This company serves a wide range of clients in areas like industrial automation, lighting, security, home automation, fume extraction, sound systems … and the list goes on. To handle such a wide variety of jobs, the company’s employees need vans that provide storage not just for tools, spares and other small items but for large parts and sometimes even complete machines. This explains the company’s choice of a spacious commercial vehicle like the Fiat Ducato L2H1.
So, let’s have a closer look at the custom racking solution designed and installed by Syncro System.

Linings for the electrical service’s Ducato

What do liners give you? Years more life for your van! Lining the floor and walls of your van really is the best way to extend your van’s working life and safeguard your investment by maintaining the vehicle’s resale value. Efficient liners virtually eliminate the risk of scratching or denting the bodywork of the cargo compartment – damage that can easily lead to rust and eventually to perforation and high repair costs.
This Ducato is fitted with a birch plywood floor liner with a marble-look finish, giving the floor a smooth, level surface and excellent resistance to wear, impact and humidity. The walls are lined with honeycomb plastic panels to protect the bodywork and provide a more surface suitable for anchoring the racking.

The chosen solution: racking on just one side of the van

The customer and the Syncro team jointly decided to install racking on just one side of the Ducato, leaving the other wall completely free for a cargo retaining system. This achieves two objectives:

  • It provides plenty of drawers and shelves for safe, orderly storage of all the “basic” material needed for work.

  • It allows additional cargo of different kinds, sometimes large and heavy, to be strapped safely to the opposite wall.

The racking consists of a partly enclosed wheel arch cabinet, a case transport compartment with a bar and strap retaining system, two metal drawers, four case trays, five open shelves and one shelf of large plastic containers.

Metal cases for keeping everything in order

The racking in this electrical firm’s Ducato provides two different case transport systems: e:

  • The first uses trays that work just like drawers and can be pulled out on ball-bearing runners to load and unload cases. Trays of this kind can be used to carry Syncro cases in either metal or plastic (Galaxy);

  • The second system can be seen in the open floor-level compartment, and consists of a metal bar with hooks and straps. This practical system can be used to transport cases of any shape and size.

Cases are indispensable items in any electrician’s van as they allow all types of material, from fasteners to power tools to be carried around on site easily.

Syncro System supplies a wide range of metal and plastic cases, with space dividers or component trays of different sizes, or with smooth or moulded sponge for the safe transport of power tools. These small but important details allow Syncro cases to be divided into compartments to keep items separate during transport.