Syncro System November 9th to 13th in Brazil at Fenatran, at PAVILHÃO DE EXPOSIÇÕES DO ANHEMBI, Santana, Sao Paulo
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Syncro System November 9th to 13th in Brazil at Fenatran, at PAVILHÃO DE EXPOSIÇÕES DO ANHEMBI, Santana, Sao Paulo

Syncro System and our new Brazilian dealer and conversion team specialist Ecox, the 20th edition of the International Road Cargo Transport Show

Syncro System and Ecox at Fenatran, Brazil

Syncro System and Ecox presented the Syncro multiform-modular system designed for commercial vehicle conversions in an exhibit space at FENATRAN, the most important transport industry trade show in Latin America.

What did Syncro display at Fenatran?

The Syncro System exhibit area, displayed two vehicles – one small and one large panel van, as well as the rear section of a pick-up. Our objective was to show visitors the vast range of conversion solutions that can be created from Syncro modular components designed specifically for commercial vehicles – manufactured and installed by the Syncro group.

On the larger vehicle, visitors could see our latest 2014-model roof bars with the exclusive Ultrasilent design. The interior sported a combination of racking solutions composed of a wheel arch frame, drawer units, case storage, plastic bins, lockers, and even a worktop / vise base, generator.

The smaller van, thanks to the sub-floor drawer units, allowed us a perfect way to show how it is possible to take advantage of every inch of limited cargo space by creating a raised second floor panel. It’s the same concept for the rear section pick-up, where the sub-floor drawers were particularly notable. Also evident was the system of straps and clasps for tying down all types of cargo to the chequered-plate aluminum floor panel installed above the drawer units.

The previous 2013 Fenatran statistics

The South American biennial road cargo transport show, touted some pretty impressive numbers – 61 million 345 visitors – made their rounds of the exhibits, which is a 10% increase from one before it. There were also a record number of exhibitors – 370 exhibitors spread over 130 thousand square meters. (Data source: Fenatran)

The new South American Syncro team member: Ecox

With the occasion of Fenatran 2015, Syncro System introduced its newest team member in Sao Paulo – Ecox with its headquarters in Poà. It is yet another Syncro conversion center, carrying out quality van conversions in South America. Ecox joins Equipamiento Vehicular,
in Chile, and Auto Elevacion Cia. LTDA., in Ecuador.