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The latest catalogue of Syncro System products, updated in December 2019, is on line and can be downloaded from this page or consulted without downloading here: 

New products in the 22.1/2019 catalogue

Edition 22.1 of Syncro System’s General Catalogue has been thoroughly revised to give customers as complete a picture as possible of Syncro’s vast range of van racking products and the infinite ways in which racking systems can be configured. 
The section dedicated to racking components has been updated to cover the brand new Syncro Ultra system, a revolutionary racking system for commercial vehicles introduced in the last few months. The unique characteristics of this new system are described in detail on pages 52 and 53 of the new catalogue. 
Most of the products commonly requested by Syncro customers has already been updated to exploit the exceptional flexibility of the new system, which has almost completely eliminated restrictions on how horizontal elements can be combined, allowing racking systems to be customised for individual customers. 
The accessories section has been expanded to include compressors and inverters, starting on page 174.
The section containing examples of racking systems, which starts on page 214, has also been updated to cover only Ultra installations and also features a new graphic layout.

The characteristics of the Syncro catalogue

This latest version of the Syncro System catalogue is distinguished by a new cover. The colours behind the title range from orange to violet and form a background to a motif of squares inspired by the holes in Ultra system side panels. The cover photo features a closeup of an Ultra racking system comprising transparent containers and metal drawers. 
Inside, the catalogue is still arranged in the same way as previous editions: it contains seven sections identified by different colour page edges to allow readers to jump quickly and easily from one section to another without having to browse every page.
Red: introduction, company history, production philosophy and the potential of Syncro racking. 
Orange: floor liners and bodywork liners. 
Green: van racking products. 
Fuchsia: accessories. 
Blu: roof transport systems. 
Yellow: loading ramps. 
Light blue: examples of racking installations.