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The Syncro Group has introduced a large number of innovations recently, including two new floor liner surfaces. Syncro’s latest plywood floor liners feature either a rubber or a marble-look surface instead of the old brown finish. 
Only a few months after installing the first racking systems incorporating the new liners, Syncro has already seen that customers are thoroughly impressed with the new surfaces, which are exactly as advertised: more attractive and far more functional. Choosing the right floor for your own needs is now easier than ever and the new surfaces are guaranteed to keep their promises! 
Let’s see why customers like the new rubber and marble-look surfaces so much.

Marble-look floor liners: easy to clean for a more professional image

Syncro’s marble-look plywood floor liners have one key feature: CLEANLINESS.

  • The pattern of the surface replicates the look of a marble agglomerate floor, with a large number of tiny dots in different shades of grey giving a bright, light finish overall. The visually attractive surface also hides the small marks and scratches that inevitably appear on a van floor as a result of loading and unloading cargo and tools day in, day out.

  • The surface is made from a resin that guarantees excellent resistance to humidity and impact. The new resin is also extremely easy to clean: all that is needed to keep your floor looking new is a quick sweep with a brush or cloth.

A clean floor creates an image of professionalism and order and serves as an effective visiting card for the van user. Just imagine a market stall operator who sells clothes that have to be tried on, or a service technician who is called out to his customers’ homes. A floor covered in dirt or debris from previous jobs creates an impression of disorder and negligence. Syncro’s new marble-look floor liners solve this problem once and for all: after every customer or job, it only takes a few seconds with a brush or cloth to get the back of your van looking impeccably clean again.

Rubber-coated floor liners: unbeatable grip

Syncro also offers floor liners with a rice-grain rubber coating. These liners feature a light grey rubber surface with a non-slip relief pattern. Their most important characteristic is EXCELLENT GRIP.

    The technical characteristics of the material and the special relief pattern combine to guarantee 30% better grip than any other product on the market.
  • The surface is also extremely resistant to humidity and liquid spillages.

  • Even scratch resistance is much better than that of conventional resin-coated floors.

Together with the material’s bright, cheerful look and excellent durability, these characteristics make Syncro’s rubber-coated floor liners the ideal choice for anybody who needs to get in and out of their vans often, even in damp or rainy weather, and for technicians who need to equip their vans as mobile workshops complete with work benches and power tools.

Plywood characteristics

The rubber and marble-look resin surfaces are both applied to a birch plywood base made from layers of wood first softened by heating then dried, glued with special water-repellent, phenolic adhesive and finally pressed together. 
This manufacturing process creates plywood that is highly resistant to mechanical stress and humidity. 
This exceptional raw material is shaped and pre-drilled to suit all the models of van currently on the market at the Francom factory in Cassola near Vicenza, northern Italy. (Francom is the parent company of the Syncro Group.) 

It only takes a few minutes to fit a Syncro System rubber-coated or marble-look floor liner, so why not ask your nearest Syncro dealer for an obligation-free quote?