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Syncro System is always ahead of the game! Fiat’s commercial vehicle division only launched the new Fiat Talento a few months ago, but Syncro installation centres all over Italy are already able to offer specially designed racking and storage systems for it, as well as customised roof transport.
This page illustrates the first Syncro storage system installed in a Fiat Talento van.

From linings to a complete storage system in just a few hours

Syncro System’s van storage modules and accessories are safe, tough, lightweight and particularly quick to install. Faced with a brand new Fiat Talento, Syncro technicians had no trouble in installing a complete, fully customised storage system. Neither did it take them long to do so! Syncro’s installation methods are tried and tested and designed to avoid long idle times and lost earnings.

Interior linings: the first step in fitting out this Fiat Talento

As always when Syncro System fits out a new van, our installers began by lining the interior of the load compartment. In this particular case the customer chose to cover the floor and line the bulkhead in resinated plywood. Steel panels were preferred for the side walls and doors.
All lining parts for the Talento are cut to size at Syncro System’s production plant in the Veneto region of northern Italy to ensure a perfect match for all the load compartment surfaces of this new Fiat van.

The perfect storage system for a fully operational Talento

Syncro System can always satisfy customers’ professional needs thanks to the vast experience of its installers and the modular design of Syncro storage modules, which adapt easily to all kinds of van.
The photos of the new Talento on this page prove the point.

  • The left side wall has been fitted with shelves over an open wheel arch cabinet. The large, open shelf in the middle of the column incorporates a bar and strap cargo lashing system. Two other shelves fitted with non-slip mats and metal dividers form the upper storage modules on this side. Near the bulkhead, the left side wall has been fitted with a customised rail and strap lashing system for securing bulky tools and materials during transport.
  • The storage on the right side wall consists of a wheel arch cabinet with a front bottom panel, two shelves and three metal drawers. A fold-away vice support and a cable holder are fitted at the rear of the cabinets. Last but not least, a paper roll holder, an item found in most working vans, is installed on the right door.
  • The bulkhead features a cargo lashing system consisting of a metal bar with hooks and straps.

To top it all, a roof transport system for the Talento

To exploit the “talent” of this new Fiat to the full, Syncro System also fitted a cargo transport system on the roof. The two cross bars are made from the latest generation Ultrasilent4 profiles to minimise wind resistance, noise, vibration and fuel consumption.