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Syncro System upfits vans for agricultural mechanics

A Sprinter upfit for an agricultural mechanic

The modern farm uses a wide range of machines to speed up field work, from the humble tractor to the combine harvester, as well as implements like broadcast spreaders and rotary tillers. In fact, machines now cover all aspects of farm work, from tillage to seeding and planting out, fertiliser spreading and crop spraying. There are also dedicated machines for processing the harvest, like the thresher and chipper, to say nothing of machines for transport and animal feed distribution. The modern farm has become a complex organisation that can only be fully understood through direct experience, and today’s sophisticated farm machinery needs to be serviced and repaired by specialists. Only qualified agricultural mechanics have the necessary know-how and experience to do this work. For an agricultural mechanic, a reliable van with all the equipment needed to service farm machinery is essential in order to work efficiently.
Among other features, an agricultural mechanic's van needs:

  • an autonomous power supply to allow the use of power tools when no electricity supply is available;

  • a workshop in the load compartment where minor repairs and troubleshooting can be done;

  • a large number of storage compartments for all the tools and materials needed on the farm, to avoid having to return to base repeatedly.

  • Let's have a closer look at a Sprinter van upfit for an agricultural mechanic.

    A van upfit for an agricultural mechanic: details

    A clever upfit has converted this Sprinter van into a travelling workshop for an agricultural mechanic.
    On theleft side, the bases are provided by two wheel arch cabinets, one closed and the other equipped with a hooks and straps to secure tool cases. Further up we have two drawer units, one with metal drawers with automatic locking buttons, and the other with trays for Syncro’s plastic component cases. Then we have a set of shelves, including one with a door, and a top tray for long items. The compartment near the bulkhead wall behind the cab houses a compact compressor- generator.
    A mobile workshop has been created on the right side of the van: this includes a worktop with raised edges to prevent small parts falling off, a fold-away vice with support, drawers and a storage cabinet. The right side upfit also features a set of shelves and a unit of transparent drawers for storing small tools and spare parts.

    A commercial vehicle upfit for an agricultural mechanic: equipment and accessories for autonomous operation

    The upfit of this agricultural mechanic’s Sprinter includes a number of useful accessories, such as a handwash kit on the left side rear door for washing hands or dirty components in the field when no running water is available, and a paper roll holder at the back of the left side cabinets. The van also boasts a number of hook and strap and cargo bar lashing systems for transporting large items of cargo and bulky materials in complete safety.
    The workshop is rendered fully autonomous by a compressor- generator that powers a cable hoist and a series of power sockets near the work bench. The interior of the van body is illuminated by LED ceiling lights. LED technology is perfect for van lighting, not only for its excellent illumination but for its extremely low power consumption too.