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An awning installer’s van upfitted by Syncro System

Upfit for awning installers

Awning installations on private houses, offices or public buildings need to be done by experienced technicians equipped with all the tools necessary to ensure correct fitting, safe operation and compliance with the customer’s needs. Properly installed awnings serve various purposes: they protect the inside of the building against direct sunlight and heat, and therefore reduce energy consumption by the building’s air conditioning system. Because awnings also have a decorative purpose, installations must conform to applicable building standards too.
The awning installation technician generally uses a medium size van to carry all the spare parts, fasteners, hardware, and hand and power tools he needs to fix the frame and the arms that open the awning to a wall, window frame or other supporting structure.

This page illustrates the case of a medium size van upfitted by Syncro System for an SME specialising in the installation, cleaning and maintenance of external awnings and sunshades. Let’s have a look how Syncro’s installers managed to satisfy the needs of the customer.

Upfit for awning installers: body linings

As with all trades involved in the installation of equipment on construction sites or in homes, offices, shops and public buildings, the awning technician needs a particularly versatile van upfit to perform all the drilling, welding, plastering and assembling operations required of him and to carry all his equipment from place to place. A van upfit for an awning installer therefore needs to start with proper protective linings for the interior of the load compartment. Linings preserve the original condition of the van over time and prevent the scratches and dents that would otherwise lead to rust setting in.
In this van, the floor has been protected by resinated plywood panels with cup-drilled holes to permit use of the van’s original floor anchor points.
The tops of the doors and side walls are lined with pre-painted metal panels that not only protect the bodywork but also provide the perfect anchorage for Syncro’s upfit cabinets.

Upfit for an awning installer’s van: interior equipment

On the left side of the van, an open wheel arch cabinet with a tool case shuttle clamp acts as base for a shelving unit with closed shelves. The top tray, however, is left open for carrying long items. The side of the cabinet facing the rear doors has been fitted with a drawer unit with tilting, removable containers.
The right side of this awning installation van also starts with an open wheel arch cabinet, but this time with cargo lashing hooks and straps. The wheel arch cabinet and the cabinet of different size transparent containers on this side of the van are all of reduced depth. This leaves more floor space free in the middle of the load compartment.
The right door is fitted with an aerosol holder for the safe and orderly transport of touch-up paint spray or lubricant spray cans.
The bottom of the bulkhead wall has been fitted with a hook and strap lashing system for large items of cargo, while the top half provides additional storage space for small components and spares in the form of a transparent Multibox drawer unit.