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The van is the best friend of any company that needs to perform daily maintenance operations at remote sites. This is particularly true when dealing with large items of equipment that cannot be moved from the factories or warehouses where they are installed, and that consist of complex and bulky components.
The van illustrated in these photos was upfitted for a company that provides technical assistance for gantries (the large beams that run on rails along factory walls and carry a trolley-mounted hoist underneath). Gantries are designed to lift, move and lower extremely heavy loads weighing anything from a few hundred kilograms to hundreds of tons, normally inside buildings. Every part of a gantry requires servicing and sometimes repair. And because a gantry is so heavy, faults can represent serious risks to users and must therefore be dealt with according to legal safety standards. So let’s have a look at a van upfit for gantry service engineers , designed to make their work as easy as possible and with a clear emphasis on safety and functionality.

Van linings for gantry installation and maintenance

The first job done on this van was to protect its interior. The lining of the load compartment represents a fundamental part of any upfit, as it protects the body against corrosive liquids and humidity as well impacts with heavy items of equipment. Particular care was taken over the floor in this case, which has to withstand the frequent movements of users. Syncro System’s technicians installed a resinated plywood floor panel, made to measure for this particular model, and fixed it in place with shear rivets. The edges near the rear doors and side door were also reinforced with non-slip metal trim.

A van upfit for gantry service engineers

Gantries are large lifting machines. They consist of various parts, ranging from cables, lifting blocks, pulleys, hooks, and of course a large number of small parts and fasteners. So first and foremost, a van for gantry service engineers needs to carry a large number of containers of different sizes to hold everything that might be required on site.
Here is how this particular upfit was created. Two shelving units were installed side by side on the left. Both are mounted on open wheel arch units, one with a drop-down flap and the other with a toolbox securing shuttle. The central section provides five shelves with anti-slip mats and metal dividers. (In the photo these are lying in the bottom of the shelf waiting to be fitted.) Higher up, another two shelves are fitted with removable plastic containers. A tray completes the composition at the top. A single, simpler unit is installed on the right, consisting of an open wheel arch cover and a unit of open shelves. This highly functional and space-saving upfit leaves plenty of room in the middle of the floor for loading equipment and bulky tools. And any loose items can be secured using one of the numerous lashing systems in the Syncro System catalogue: hooks, straps, rails and metal cargo bars.