View the video of a special racking system: Syncro for Scania
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View the video of a special racking system: Syncro for Scania

A special racking system for a Scania service centre

This video takes a close look at a very special racking project, custom made for a service centre that provides 24 hour a day roadside assistance for SCANIA trucks. The customer’s requests clearly reflect the nature of the job the company’s specialist mechanics have to do on a daily basis.

The needs of the SCANIA service centre

  • 1. complete autonomy in all logistic situations, with independent supplies of compressed air and electrical power

  • 2. an onboard workshop for modifications and repairs

  • 3. a basic cleaning kit for hands and tools

  • 4. The ability to transport hazardous liquids like oils and fuel in complete safety

  • 5. Enough storage space to carry all the tools, accessories and spare parts that might be needed for a job

Syncro System: tailored racking for everybody

One of our key strengths at Syncro System is our commitment to offering all our customers a fully personal racking solution. This video illustrates a good example of this philosophy, applied to the world of roadside assistance, proving that whatever your requirements, Syncro System can provide a unique and super-functional solution.

The video: discover the details of a unique racking system!

  • 1. Complete autonomy? Of course! Thanks to the presence of a super-compact compressor-generator combo driven by the truck’s own engine, delivering power for drills, wheel nut guns, tyre inflators and all other air and electrically powered tools.

  • 2. On-board workshop? Super-practical, with a marble-look plywood work top and a fold-away vice bench.

  • 3. Cleaning kit? Functional and easy-to-reach, consisting of a large stainless steel water tank, a soap dispenser and a paper roll holder, all positioned within easy access of the van’s side door.

  • 4. Transport of potentially hazardous liquids? No risk at all, thanks to two stainless steel tanks with taps and level indicators, installed near the rear doors.

  • 5. Storage space? Plenty of it, in the form of metal drawers, transparent containers, enclosed shelves and a Syncro locker.