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Syncro System becomes the official upfit brand for the Aguas De Murcia commercial van fleet

Aguas de Murcia, who oversees the management of city drinking water in the southern Spanish province of Murcia, chooses and approves Syncro System for upfitting their vans. In the beginning of the summer, DSM Equipamientos joined the ranks of Syncro System group distributors. The first major order from Spain was received recently; it came from Aguas de Murcia, the municipal division that manages the supply of drinking water in the city and surrounding territories of Murcia.

The company, which caters to 140,000 customers, has a fleet of 250 vehicles. The success of Syncro System is measured by the fact that, according to the agreement between the parties, Syncro System would first have to upfit a small test number of vans. If the company was satisfied, it would agree to hire Syncro System to upfit the majority of the company's vehicles in the future. Syncro passed with flying colors, judging by the fact that just a couple days after the very first upfit, the comments by the executives at Aguas de Murcia were extremely positive.
As you can see in the picture, the vehicle, a Renault Kangoo Combo, was upfitted with the Syncro System interior protection panels (durable anti-slip coated plywood floor board), racking system (wheel arch frames with hinged front door, drawer and shelving units including dividers), accessories (hand-washing kit with soap and paper towel roll holder) - all bearing the Syncro System quality brand.

DSM Equipamientos, operating in central and southern Spain, represents a group of wholesalers and retailers of hardware products and other industrial supplies. Local technicians were trained according to the Syncro System methods which they learned during several trips to Italy, just as is the case for all retailers and dealers of the Syncro group.