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Syncro System Catalogue no. 21/4: discover the ULTRA system

Syncro System is delighted to present its catalogue no. 21/4 containing a revolutionary development in the field of van racking. In the new catalogue, Syncro System introduces the brand new Syncro Ultra racking system which revolutionises the design and, above all, the functionality of van racking, multiplying the possible number of solutions and combinations almost to infinity! 
Browse catalogue no. 21/4 here: 

Or download it from this page.

How catalogue 21/4 – 2019 is organised 

The catalogue consists of 284 pages and is divided into seven sections. Each section is identified by a different colour, which appears in the Contents at the beginning and on the sides of the pages, making is extremely easy to find the section and product you are looking for. 
The new Ultra system is announced on the cover too: the background motif reproduces the holes in the side panels of the innovative new racking system, which serve as height and depth positioning and fixing points for all horizontal elements.

The different sections 

Red section: from page 4 to page 22. This introductory section presents the Syncro System group and the basic characteristics of its products. 
Orange section: from page 23 to page 39. This section illustrates the Syncro range of floor and wall liners, essential for protecting your van’s interior against damage. 
Green section: from page 40 to page 155. Basic van racking products. This section describes the special features of the new Ultra racking system, in general (page 52) and in detail (on the pages dedicated to the individual elements).
Fuchsia section: from page 156 to page 199. Accessories. 
Lilac section: from page 200 to page 208. Roof transport systems like ladder racks and roof racks. 
Yellow section: from page 209 to page 213. Loading ramps. 
Blue section: from page 214 to page 279. Photo galleries illustrating sample racking solutions based on the Syncro Ultra system, already installed in various makes and models of van.