A Ducato for servicing fuel dispenser pumps

Racking in a Fiat Ducato for servicing fuel dispensers 

Thanks to Syncro’s new Ultra racking system, practical solutions can be found to any customer requirement, limited only by the size of the vehicle. The van on this page is a Fiat Ducato L2H2, a model with a generous cargo compartment well suited to conversion into customised mobile workshops. Given the space available, the racking system installed in this van is quite extensive. The Ducato is operated by a company that services and repairs forecourt fuel storage and dispensing systems.

Custom liners for the Fiat Ducato 

Irrespective of the size of your van and the kind of work you do, proper liners are indispensable. Adequate protection for your van’s floor and bodywork is your most effective guarantee of extended vehicle life. It saves you and your van from numerous visits to the body repair shop or, worse still, premature scrapping as a result of dented, rusty and perforated bodywork. The floor of this Ducato is covered with a custom-made marble-look plywood floor liner that is beautifully easy to clean and also forms an effective non-slip surface. The side walls and doors are protected by prepainted steel bodywork liners.

Metal drawers and open and enclosed shelves 

The Ultra racking system is totally flexible in the way horizontal elements can be combined. The system’s pre-drilled side panels allow drawers, shelves, case trays, vice benches and more to be installed in any order. This Ducato, owned by a forecourt fuel dispenser servicing company, is fitted with a large number of metal drawers of various sizes, arranged in three cabinets, one on either side and one on the bulkhead. The drawers in this racking system are complemented by plain, open shelves with non-slip mats and metal dividers, and yet more shelves with removable plastic containers. At the top of the left side racking is a full-length tray with a rear access door, a great way to carry all kinds of long items. The tall compartment at the bulkhead end of the left side racking is formed by a simple shelf with two adjustable straps at the front to keep cargo in place. The compartments at floor level are enclosed by parallelogram action doors.

The fold-away vice bench 

A bench with a vice is a precious aid indeed if you have to carry out repairs or adjustments away from base. In this Ducato, the vice bench is a fold-away model installed at the side door. Just by releasing the locking lever, you can fold it down and lower its support to the ground.

Cargo retention and other accessories

This Ducato L2H2 for servicing fuel dispensing systems is fitted with a number of useful accessories that greatly enhance its potential as a mobile workshop: 
  • Cargo retaining accessories. The Syncro catalogue contains a large number of accessories of this kind and many of them are installed in this van. Examples include a metal bar with movable and adjustable hooks, a strap on the left rear door, a strong>fire extinguisher bracket with strap at the rear of the left racking, and impact protector bars and cable and hose reels at the rear of the right racking. Finally, two milled cargo rails have been fitted along the floor to provide extra anchorage for straps with tensioners or vertical cargo bars. 
  • Cleaning accessories. These accessories are extremely popular whenever van operators need to clean their hands and tools frequently. Thanks to a handwash kit with water can, tap and soap dispenser and a paper roll holder, the driver of this van can keep himself and his tools clean even when no bathroom or running water supply is at hand.





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