The colours of Syncro at Bassano and Schio

Two consecutive wins for the team sponsored by Syncro System

A great start to the rallying season for Michele Crescenzo and Mauro Savegnago, the team sponsored by Syncro System! Having taken first place in the K10 class in the Bassano Rally on 28-29 October, the pair repeated the exploit at the Schio rally on 18-19 November.

The Bassano rally: a guaranteed adrenaline rush

Despite recovering from an eye operation, Michele Crescenzo and his navigator Mauro Savegnago still managed to emerge victorious from the tough Bassano rally, raced over Friday 28 and Saturday 29 October in almost summer-time weather conditions. The Peugeot 106 S16 of the SMD team entered the 39th edition of this famous rally with the number 145.

It was a great race but certainly a tough one,” commented Crescenzo.

It was physically exhausting. Worse still, my eye was giving me serious trouble. By the end I couldn’t see well at all. But I was determined to bring the car home and to climb on to that podium, if only to say ‘thank you’ to our sponsors. I’m delighted that we won our class because it means that all our sacrifices were worthwhile. I was determined to win and luckily I had Scuderia Pintarally and Silvano behind me. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

The Schio rally: a promise kept

The team of Crecenzo and Savegnago confirmed their talent at the 31st Schio rally. Their Peugeot 106 kit once again took first place in its class.

In the three weeks since the Bassano rally, performance, safety and feel for the car have all improved. Because of my recent eye operation, I still struggle with the night-time sessions, though. I’m delighted with the result and happy for the sponsors who came to watch the race,” Adds Crescenzo. “SMD is a well-organised team of perfectionists. Thanks are also due to my navigator, who has always been supportive. We’ve come a long way together.” Mauro Savegnago, the team’s navigator confirms: “I saw a great improvement over Bassano. Michele drove more decisively and more safely too. He has made great progress.