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One of Syncro System's latest products: it guarentees continuous air circulation in your van


For many years, the Syncro System Group has offered a huge selection of van accessories that let you to transform the cargo space of any van according to your specific needs. One of the common needs of our customers is to be able to aerate the cargo area -- obligatory, for example, when transporting gas cylinders.
Syncro System’s sleek new roof vent with motorized fan guarentees efficient air flow thoughout the entire cargo area of your van.
As you can see in the picture, it is mounted to the roof of the vehicle, equipped with a weather-resistent black cover for external protection, and a grated interior panel positioned inside on the cargo ceiling of the van.
The fan's motor connects to the van's battery and two switches mounted in the cab, turn the fan on and off, regulate blade rotation speed and change direction to reverse airflow (allowing for both intake or exhaust functions).
The fan vent must be used in unison with a vent or a ventilation floor duct box to allow for air flow.