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With grab-your-attention graphics, lots of photos and easy to follow information

A tell all explanation of who needs a van conversion and why, and what the advantages are of choosing Syncro System for the conversion, plus there is even data on the van market in 2014. It is now easy to get quick answers by browsing through the presentation (click here) or by watching the 3-minute video that cuts to the chase and get down and basic about the revolutionary modular system and modular construction for Syncro converted commercial vehicles.

Here’s an outline of the slides:
1. What is a van and who’s using them.
2. Updated data estimates from ACEA on registered vans in Europe for 2014
3. What is a van conversion and what to expect.
4. The reasons why it is important to convert your van into a commercial vehicle.
5. Who carries out the conversion. Why it’s important to trust experience experts.
6. Syncro System in numbers: van conversions, van equipment, Syncro centers and dealers worldwide.
7. How much a Syncro conversion will actually save you.
8. The nine key words on van conversion savings.
9. Creating order on your van and how that translates into savings and profit!
10. The Syncro tricks to make sure your van stays in order.
11. Why a van make-over makes you more professional.
12. The importance of protecting your van body.
13. The practical advantages of choosing linings for floor, walls, ceiling, doors, windows...
14. The high quality of materials used by the Syncro group for all their van components: lightweight, tough and long-lasting.
15. The Syncro extended warranty on their products!
16. How equipping your van is a modest investment and how it can be financed.
17. Syncro System expert technicians work quickly and reliably.
18. Syncro modular components for vans are reusable.
19. Safety guarantee: Syncro van equipment passed the TUV Crash Test.
20. The 10 best reasons to choose Syncro System for your commercial vehicle.