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Find out how the Syncro System team protected the load compartment of this Doblò to avoid needless damage to the bodywork.


Starting in 1996, the Syncro System Group began developing an impressive series of solutions for making van operations safer and more practical, targeting customers who use their vans as mobile workshops, those who specialise in transport and delivery work and those whose vans have to serve a number of different purposes.
One of the areas on which Syncro has focused over the years is that of floor and body liners. Today, the Syncro catalogue includes an impressive range of floor liners, door and wall liners, wheel arch covers, bulkhead liners and even roof panels.
The latest addition to the range, chronologically speaking, is a new family of rubber-coated floor liners. Support is provided by a layer of damp-resistant birch plywood assembled with phenolic adhesives. This tough base is unaffected by humidity and keeps its shape over the years. This type of plywood also means exceptional strength with very low weight. Compared to conventional resin coatings, the rubber-coated surface delivers a series of advantages too:

  • Excellent surface strength for a longer lifetime

  • Easy cleaning

  • Excellent grip

  • A bright and cheerful colour

On this page you can see a Fiat Doblò fitted with protective liners for a goods transport company.
The side walls and doors have been protected by steel sheet panels that are galvanised on both sides and painted in an attractive grey on the exposed side. The panels are cut using the latest, high precision CNC laser technology to ensure a perfect match for the shape of the van’s original bodywork.
The wheel arches have been protected with galvanised steel covers and vertical sheets of marble-look, resin-coated plywood. This extremely robust solution provides effective protection against even the hardest knocks.
The floor liner in 12 mm thick birch plywood is cut and shaped using CNC technology to provide access to the original floor cups and cargo rings. Stainless steel edge profiles are fitted at the doors. The floor liner's rubber coating features a high grip, rice-grain relief pattern.
Thanks to this effective body protection, the owner will be able to use this Doblò for many years without damage from sliding or falling cargo. And you can bet that the cost of the protection is far less than the cost of expensive bodywork repairs!