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A Combo Opel equipped for electrician
By carefully selecting racking elements and accessories, Syncro System has transformed this Opel Combo L2H1 into a perfectly functional and efficient workshop on wheels for an electrician
A Partner racking system for an electrician
A Syncro Ultra racking system in an electrician’s Partner with pull-out transparent plastic containers
A Citroën Jumper with racking for an electrician
A Citroen Jumper with a custom Syncro System van racking for an electrician
A Mercedes Sprinter fitted out for an electrician
Liners, racking and cargo retaining accessories by Syncro System in an electrician’s Mercedes Sprinter
A Doblò Fiat for an electrician
Racking in an electrician’s Fiat Doblò, with Syncro Ultra components such as a pull-out vice bench and a case retaining shuttle
A Custom with Syncro racking for an electrician
Syncro System drawers, shelves, case compartment and accessories in this Ford Custom help an electrician save time and work more effectively
A Berlingo Citroen for an electrician
A Citroën Berlingo with Syncro System van equipment for an electrician
An electrician’s Opel Combo with space for a bicycle
A Syncro System racking solution for an Opel Combo operated by an electrician
Two Syncro racking systems for electricians
Syncro System drawers and transparent plastic containers feature in these two solutions for electricians, one in a Ford Custom and one in a Fiat Doblò.
A Caddy L2 with racking for an electrician
A racking system in an electrician’s Caddy L2 with custom solutions for optimising available space
A Custom with an Ultra racking system for an electrician
Syncro System equips a Custom with an Ultra racking solution for an electrician
An Iveco Daily for an electrician
An Iveco Daily L3H2 for an electrician, with Syncro System racking, pipe carrier, ladder slides, transparent plastic containers, drawers, cases, vice bench and other accessories
A Ford Transit with equipment for an electrician
Everything on just one wall: a Transit transformed into a mobile workshop with racking on just the left wall and cargo retaining accessories on the others
A racking system in a Citroen Berlingo for an electrician
A Citroen Berlingo with a roof rack and a Syncro System racking solution complete with transparent c
An Opel Vivaro with racking for an electrician
A complete racking solution in an electrician’s Opel Vivaro: open shelves, metal case trays and transparent containers for vans
VW Caddy racking for electricians
Two different Volkswagen Caddy racking solutions for electricians by Syncro System
A Ford Custom with racking for a tv and radio electrician
Syncro System fitted out this Ford Custom for an electrician who installs radios and tvs
Racking for vehicle electricians
A commercial vehicle with Syncro System racking for vehicle electricians
A Toyota Land Cruiser for an alpine electrician
A Syncro Ultra racking system in a Toyota Land cruiser, custom-made for an electrician
A Ford Custom with Syncro equipment for an electrician
A Syncro Ultra van racking system with case trays, metal drawers and shelves in an electrician’s Custom Ford
A Custom van conversion for every electrician
A Syncro System racking solution for an electrician, with customised accessories and an amazingly flexible racking configuration
A Renault Kangoo for an electrical systems firm
Case trays, removable plastic containers and a hook-and-strap lashing system in an electrician’s Renault Kangoo
Syncro racking for an electrician in the new Citroën Jumpy
One of the first racking systems installed in the brand new Citroën Jumpy
A Master for a plumber-electrician
A Syncro System racking solution designed to optimise efficiency in a Master 2010
Two Transporters with custom racking for electricians
Two custom racking solutions for electricians in VW Transporters, complete with roof racks, vice benches, and LED lighting
A Custom with racking for an electrician
A Ford Custom lined and fitted with racking for work on electrical systems, tv systems, antennas and lightning conductors
A Renault Express for installing electrical systems
Making the most of space in a small van: a Syncro racking solution in an Express L1 H1 with underfloor drawers, shelves and transparent containers
Citroën Jumpy with a racking System for an electrician
A Citroën Jumpy with Syncro racking for a business that installs and services electrical systems
Syncro, great racking solutions even for small vans
A complete Syncro racking solution in an electrician’s Suzuki Jimny off-roader
Yet another Fiat Scudo with racking for an electrical system installer
A Scudo L1H1 with Syncro System shelves, drawers, vice bench, cargo retaining accessories and roof rack
Opel Vivaro for electrical and electronics contractors
Van conversion for electricians the Opel Vivaro long wheelbase conversion solution for electrical systems
Two Fiat Scudo racking solutions for different trades
A comparison between two Scudo vans of exactly the same model but with radically different Syncro solutions: racking and roof rack for one, long underfloor drawers for the other
Perfect order in your van thanks to Syncro System
Keeping everything tidy in your van is the first, fundamental step towards improving the efficiency of your work.
A Mercedes Vito for installing electrical systems
A Mercedes Vito for installing electrical systems, with Syncro System drawers, shelves and cargo retaining systems
Syncro’s first ever van equipment, installed 23 years ago
Syncro System’s first ever van racking System, installed in 1996, is still perfectly whole and functional.
Modular roof rack systems for vans
Syncro System accessories, including loading rollers, cross bars, pipe carriers and slides for carrying ladders and equipment on the roof of your van
Two small vans transformed by the racking specialists
Two small van racking systems: a Ford Courier with underfloor drawers and roof rack and a Nissan NV200 with simple shelves
Racking for System technicians
This section contains interesting examples of Syncro System racking solutions for system installation and service technicians.
Wondering how to upfit your van?
How to fit out a van for your own business: browse through “racking solutions for …” to find plenty of great ideas from the vast experience of Syncro System
An old Syncro toolbox, still in good condition
Photos of a Francom tool case from 1977, still in use in 2017 and still in perfect condition and fully functional
Syncro can satisfy even the most unusual requirements with customised racking
Special solutions Syncro System for special requirements: these are racking solutions you would never have dreamed of!
A 2021 VW Caddy for installing electrical systems
A 2021 VW Caddy with Syncro racking, retaining systems and accessories for installing and maintaining electrical systems
Van racking Syncro with service case trays
New shelf tray to store and Transport easily your Service cases.

Equipment for commercial vehicles by Syncro System
With 11 installation centres, Syncro System is an undisputed leader in racking for commercial vehicles.
A Caddy for servicing water mains
A Volkswagen Caddy with a Syncro System van racking for a water pipe maintenance firm
Van racking for an electrical construction company
A Fiat Ducato with van equipment by Syncro System for an electrical construction and supply business
Trafic van racking with shelving units and ramps by Syncro
Renault Trafic van conversion with drawer modules, aluminium loading ramp, floor, van accessories and roof bar kit in aluminium and steel
Over 90,000 customers drive vans equipped by Syncro System
Syncro System van racking solutions satisfy all possible customer needs. Over 90,000 vans fitted out since 1996.
Fiat Doblò conversion for electrical contractors
A conversion solution for electrical contractors on the Fiat Doblò with Syncro components
A customised Scudo for a cleaning business
You can get a lot out of a little: here’s how a Scudo can be transformed into a perfect working partner by adding a loading ramp, a simple racking system and a roof rack
Upfit Syncro for boiler technicians
A van for boiler and burner technicians upfitted by Syncro System with underfloor drawers
Van equipment for the Jumpy with drawers
An interesting racking system by Syncro System for a Citroën Jumpy, based on shelves and metal and transparent drawers
Upfit Syncro System for Peugeot Boxer
Upfit for the Peugeot Boxer with Syncro System forward-tilting clear plastic drawers
Upfitting a van for a cleaning company
Syncro System has upfitted a Ford Custom for a cleaning company.
A vast range of van racking products
With Syncro System the widest product range for van racking: drawer units, shelving, racking, floor panels, roof racks, loading ramps and van accessories.
A Daily with a special Syncro solution for go-karts
A Syncro racking solution in a Daily owned by a go-kart team, with special retaining systems and a workshop area
A Renault Express with Syncro racking
Metal drawers, shelves and accessories by Syncro System in a plumber’s Renault Express
Upfit of the Fiat Ducato with clear plastic drawers
Let's take a look at an example of a Ducato upfit with shelving and drawer units, and an aluminum roof-top utility rack.
Van equipment Syncro for mechanics
Some of Syncro System’s most interesting racking solutions for mechanics.
Francom goes 100% ecological with the photovoltaic System
As part of the extension of our plant in San Zeno di Cassola, Francom has more than doubled the size of its photovoltaic field, now fully operational.
Photos of an Opel Combo upfit by Syncro
Example of a fit-out for the Opel Combo with floor panel, shelving, inverter and accessories
Ducato upfit for environmental water analysis testing
With solar panels, generators, batteries, work space and storage space ...we present a Ducato upfit by Syncro System
Racking for a mobile police unit
A Punto van with Syncro System racking for a police unit with metal drawers
Powerful compressor-generator in a Daily for utility service
A mobile workshop in a Daily owned by a multi-utility company, complete with a powerful Syncro System compressor-generator
Syncro System for Scania: all in one video
Roadside repair and assistance for the Scania fleet, thanks to a Syncro System van conversion
A Doblò with racking for a heating and cogeneration company
A Fiat Doblò with racking on one side for a company that installs and services heating and cogeneration systems
Racking for airport maintenance services
Syncro System van racking for airport maintenance and management services
Upfit Syncro System for agricultural mechanics
Syncro System can fit farm machinery service vans with shelves, plastic containers, cleaning accessories, lighting and cargo retaining systems.
Syncro System Workshop conversions for vans
A wide range of products and equipment, including drawers, shelves and work surfaces, to turn any van into a great mobile workshop!
Ecoflow power stations, for an ecological and autonomous van
Ecoflow gives your van a lithium battery, a battery charger and an inverter in one single, environmentally friendly unit that is easy to integrate in your Syncro racking.
Mobile workshop on Fiat Ducato with generator and compressor
Van upfits, compressor and generator for a fully functional mobile workshop installed on the Fiat Ducato
A Daily for assisting heavy goods vehicles
A mobile workshop in an Iveco Daily, with Syncro System worktops, a pull-out vice bench, a lightweight access ramp, cargo bars and other accessories
A Maxus eDeliver 9 L3 H2 for a building firm
A Syncro System work bench, shelving, Ecoflow power station and other accessories in a building firm’s Maxus eDeliver 9