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A Connect with Syncro racking for a photovoltaic installer
Pipe carriers, a ladder slide, underfloor drawers and interior liners by Syncro System in a Ford Connect owned by a photovoltaic business
A Transit with van racking for photovoltaic systems
Syncro Ultra racking for a photovoltaic system installer’s Ford Transit
Syncro’s photovoltaic system expands for a fourth time
Another 60 panels were added to the photovoltaic plant on the roof of Syncro System in Cassola, taking the plant’s self-sufficiency in energy to 45%
Syncro System expands its photovoltaic installation
52 solar panels have been added to the photovoltaic system to generate clean electrical energy for the Syncro System factory in via Portile.
The photovoltaic system at the new Francom plant
The 147 kwp photovoltaic system on the roof of the Francom plant is now on line.
Francom goes 100% ecological with the photovoltaic System
As part of the extension of our plant in San Zeno di Cassola, Francom has more than doubled the size of its photovoltaic field, now fully operational.
Syncro System respects the environment
From photovoltaic panels to FSC certified paper, Syncro System is pushing ahead with plans to reduce its environmental footprint.
Yet another Fiat Scudo with racking for an electrical system installer
A Scudo L1H1 with Syncro System shelves, drawers, vice bench, cargo retaining accessories and roof rack
A spacious MAN TGE fitted out for a systems installer
Transparent containers, shelves, drawers, accessories and a ladder rack in this Syncro System racking solution for a MAN TGE
An Iveco Daily for an electrician
An Iveco Daily L3H2 for an electrician, with Syncro System racking, pipe carrier, ladder slides, transparent plastic containers, drawers, cases, vice bench and other accessories
2014: new production plant for Syncro fully operational
Syncro’s new, modern production plant in via Portile, Cassola has been fully operational since september 2014.
2019: so much energy saved, so much energy produced
Since 2016, Syncro System has saved 1,600,000 kwh thanks to clean energy produced and various energy savings in the plant
Syncro System to exhibit at K.EY 2023
On 22, 23 and 24 March 2023, Syncro will be in Rimini for K.EY, the Energy Transition Expo, which showcases products, services and integrated solutions for energy transition.
Respecting the environment is Syncro's choice
Syncro System is determined to respect the environment in its daily management and production activities.
Video of a Ducato used for analysing concrete
Video of a Syncro System racking solution in a Fiat Ducato owned by a company that analyses construction materials
Indestructible Ecoflow
Ecoflow Power Station: the essential accessory for Syncro System mobile workshops. Incredible strength and resistance demonstrated in a video
The second phase of Francom’s new plant is now complete
The 2018 extension to Francom’s factory in San Zeno di Cassola is ready.
Renault Master with Syncro Ultra racking for a building firm
A Renault Master with a simple racking system for a firm that installs and services commercial and office building systems
A 2021 VW Caddy for installing security systems
A 2021 VW Caddy with Syncro racking only on the left: shelves and drawers for the safe transport of materials and equipment for security systems
A Renault Master for installing renewable energy systems
A Master with Syncro racking for installing renewable energy systems, complete with drawers, shelves, a locker and cargo retaining systems
Berlingo for a heating, plumbing and ventilation business
A simple racking solution with underfloor drawers in a Citroen Berlingo owned by a business that installs and services heating, plumbing and ventilation systems
A Renault Express for installing electrical systems
Making the most of space in a small van: a Syncro racking solution in an Express L1 H1 with underfloor drawers, shelves and transparent containers
Two custom racking solutions for the 2021 VW Caddy
Two 2021 VW Caddy vans fitted out by Syncro System, one with racking on the bulkhead, the other with racking on both sides
A 2021 VW Caddy for installing electrical systems
A 2021 VW Caddy with Syncro racking, retaining systems and accessories for installing and maintaining electrical systems
A Crafter racking solution for a renewable energy firm
A Crafter L3H3 with shelves, drawers, transparent and blue plastic containers, accessories and a roof rack for installing renewable energy systems