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For the Belgian Syncro SPRL TV spot, the Syncro technicians have gone … pit stop

When you talk about speedy upfits with truly expert results, the mechanics working lighting fast in the pit stops, don’t have anything on Syncro System conversion technicians. That’s the concept behind the new television advertisement created by the Belgian Syncro SPRL branch.
Take a look at the video.

Belgian Syncro SPRL TV spot

Every year, our Belgian Syncro System reaches an ever-increasing audience detailing the advantages and features of Syncro System van conversions with great new creative ad campaigns. This year’s ad compares a Syncro conversion to a Formula 1 pit stop. At first it might seem a bit risky, but they are actually right on the mark, since the goals of upfit technicians are similar to those of a pit stop crew - to protect, reinforce and enhance the functionality of your van. Let’s take a look inside.

Protecting the van – thanks to interior paneling, precision cut to perfectly fit interior surfaces, your van cargo space is protected from bumps and dents, and daily wear and tear. Take advantage of every bit of space on your commercial van, by installing modular racking components that are designed with an ideal strength-to-weight ratio and made to specifically fit your van.
Then, by adding racking components and accessories that specifically meet your working needs ... you’ve got a custom van, tailor-made for you.

And, like a pit stop, the Syncro crew keeps in mind that our customers want their vans on the road and not in the shop! We pride ourselves on our speed and accuracy. Thanks to years of experience on thousands of vans, every Syncro upfit is carried out according to a precise errorless process, perfected down to the very last detail.
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