Syncro System helps the red cross

Syncro System supports the Italian Red Cross

Syncro System has been producing van racking for over twenty years in order to help people achieve their objectives. Helping others to save time and money and to present a more professional image in their daily work is the mission of everybody in Sycnro’s workshops and offices and the driving force behind the development of all new Syncro products.  Our company’s commitment to being useful is complemented by our longstanding dedication to social responsibility. That is why we did not hesitate to help when the Tavernelle (Perugia) section of the Italian Red Cross asked us to support their voluntary work in the fields of social care and healthcare.  The Valnestore committee of the Red Cross needs to store a large number of tools of all kinds in their small premises, and everything must be kept in its own place to allow volunteers to find what they need and put it back when they return to base. Syncro System donated a number of tool boxes that are now used to store everything the volunteers need for their daily rounds. Matteo Fratini, president of the local committee expressed his thanks as follows: “On behalf of the Valnestore Committee of the Red Cross I wish to express my sincere thanks for your contribution to our work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. Your donation is tangible proof that you have the same ideals and social commitments as we do.” Syncro System is delighted to have made this practical contribution to the work of the Red Cross and is proud indeed to be able to publish this letter of thanks!