Syncro System promotes passion for sport

In 2016, Syncro System recorded an impressing sporting achievement by sponsoring the winning team in the Thüringen Ultra Marathon in Fröttstädt in mid-summer.

A special sponsorship for the Syncro System Group: the German Ultra Marathon

Syncro System has been sponsoring selected sporting events for a number of years. Behind this sponsorship is the group’s own passion for sport, an activity that demands ability, preparation and dedication in order to succeed. The athletes whose tops bore the Syncro name in Germany’s famous Thüringen Ultra Marathon are excellent examples: to enter an ultra-distance race along a route typified by exhausting uphill climbs and downhill slopes requires a perfect mix of constant commitment and determination to improve. The characteristics behind the success of Syncro’s unique van racking system are similar in many ways: safe, guaranteed products produced, sold and installed by a well-prepared, customer-oriented team with the determination to offer the ultimate in reliability to all partners.

Beyond fatigue: Syncro sponsors the winners of the 2016 Thüringen Ultra Marathon in Germany

One of the beneficiaries of the Syncro Group’s sponsorship in 2016 is a group of long distance runners. The grey and blue logo of the top name in van racking certainly cut an impressive figure on the shirts of this particular team as they won the 2016 edition of the Thüringen Ultra, a 4 x 25 km relay marathon covering a total distance of 100 km and some 2200 metres of altitude difference in the green hills of Fröttstädt, a small town near Hörsel in the state of Thüringen.  Apart from being a member of the winning “Lauftraining” team, one of the athletes in these photos is also related to Syncro, as he is the son of one of the employees of Syncro Germany.