Syncro System's latest dealership in Santiago, Chile

Syncro System continues its growth into new markets, and for the first time, a Syncro System dealership opens on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in South America. Our latest dealership will very soon begin distributing and installing components for van upfits in Santiago, Chile. Electrohidràulica LTDA is a company that has worked mainly in the electrohydraulics field, providing components and equipment, hydraulic pumps, valves and pipes for electrical installation and repair, and for trucks operating in the mining, forestry, shipping, and industrial sectors. The Chilean company, which was founded in 2008 and today has a staff of 15 employees, plans to expand its array of services and will soon begin selling and installing our line of exclusive products for commercial vehicles - made in Italy by Syncro System. Initially, Electrohidràulica LTDA will begin as a new business division, but will eventually form a separate company dedicated to van upfits. The marketing agreement between the Syncro System group and Electrohidràulica LTDA has been signed in recent weeks and operations will begin with the first order, expected in the coming months. The Chilean company technicians who will take care of the Syncro System upfits - installing protective paneling, mounting racking units and accessories - will be trained in Italy, which is true for all employees of authorized Syncro dealers. In this way, we can guarantee customers around the world uniform and precise Syncro upfits. Today, Syncro System has 11 branches in Italy, 22 in Europe, 2 in Oceania, and now this latest landmark launch in Chile – the first on the South American continent!