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Syncro System presents its new tensioner and strap system: simple, safe, versatile and fast! Find out more about this new cargo retaining system from Syncro System.

What’s so great about the tensioner and strap? First of all, it’s beautifully easy to use. One simple movement is all that’s needed to retain bulky cargo in your van ready for a trouble-free journey. You can even secure cargo at the last moment, because the operation only takes a few seconds and there’s no need to rearrange items already placed on board!

The tensioner works on the same principle as a car seat belt reel. A strap of 1.7 metres in length is contained inside a compact winder-tensioner which is also equipped with an automatic locking system. To pull out the strap, you simply release the orange locking lever. As soon as your cargo is strapped in and the hook attached, the strap rewinds automatically. You can use the lever to increase strap tension before returning it to locked position.

This simple and intuitive system guarantees the safe retention of any medium size box or package you need to carry in your van! The tensioner and strap can be attached to any point inside the load compartment or even on the van roof. The product comes in two versions to suit different needs and applications: basic kit and kit with adapters.

Basic kit

The basic kit consists only of the tensioner, with its 1.7 metre long strap and locking/release lever. You can use any available attachment point to fix the tensioner to the van body. Another attachment point will be needed for the strap end hook to allow the strap to be tensioned.

Kit with adapters

This version is intended for use with Syncro’s metal cargo rails. The kit includes two adapters that can be engaged at any starting point (tensioner) and end point (strap end hook) along the rail, up to a maximum distance of 1.7 metres one from the other.
The adapters consist of a nylon belt with hook attachments at one end and rail attachments at the other.

Don’t wait! Order your tensioner and strap now. It’s a cheap but effective solution to a common problem!