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Van upfit created specially by Syncro System for the Gladiator by Giotto Victoria

Syncro System upfitted the newest model launched by the Italian automobile company Giotto Victoria: the small-sized van, Gladiator , characterized by the curved lines, which add elegance to its design yet also make it more difficult to find the right upfitting solution for the cargo space.
In this, their first experience uplifting a Gladiator van, Syncro System engineers first devised a sytem to 'flatten' the originally curved floor of the cargo area. By installing spacers to heighten the level of the floor in the lower parts, they were able to lay the slightly raised epoxy resined plywood floor board, fastening it at the support points. Once this problem was overcome, the next step was to add all the modules and accessories to complete the custom upfit.
One of the Gladiator's advantages are its double side sliding doors. Though this makes loading and unloading a breeze, it leaves less space for installing upfitted systems. Despite this, Syncro System found that by utilizing the extra height in the Gladiator cargo space, they were able to create many possible solutions for storage of tools, spare parts and work equipment.
On the left side, they used the wheel well as the base for draw unit with two modules placed length-wise. Between the two, they placed a door vice with a steel grip. Above the drawer units, they placed large open shelving, two rows of removable plastic containers and, on the highest part, four open containers.

On the right side, they mounted plastic containers over the wheel well, two levels of shelving and two series of removable plastic containers of various sizes.
The Syncro goup is now working to create a custom-made utility rack for the Gladiator , designed to fit the van's unique curved lines.
Like the other models of vans sold in Italy and Europe, all of the Syncro Systems' branches are equipped with the modules and accessories to upfit the Gladiator: all you need to do is ask one of our Syncro consultants how it is possible to make the best external and internal use of this latest introduction to the market.