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The History, Philosophy and Production Systems of the Syncro System Group
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Francom was founded in 1960 due to the genius of Francesco Comunello. Francesco, born in 1933, was a cycling enthusiast in his teens. Because he did not have the means to buy a bicycle, Francesco decided to build one himself. By 1953, he was repairing and building bicycles in a small rented one-room shop in the town center of San Zeno di Cassola. It was there that everything began - working with the metal tubing, would light the spark that led to his very first patent: metal handles for agricultural machinery.

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Francom Spa
Via San Zeno, 8
36022 Cassola (VI) Italy
Tel. 0424/570062 Fax 0424/570754
P.ta IVA 00812440246


Working alongside Francesco from the start, his wife Maria soon earned the nickname “Maria the Mechanic”. They began their small business during a unique time in Italy's history. Although it was the early beginning of the growth that would lead to an unprecedented economic boom, the choices in the Veneto Region (lacking in industry) were still extremely limited. It was either start out on one's own or leave Italy. While many chose to leave, hoping to find work abroad others, like Francesco, bravely decided to start up their own small businesses. What he was lacking in capital and even in a clear vision of the future, he made up for with extraordinary courage, a myriad of ideas and the spirit of a true entrepreneur. Francesco Comunello had begun with almost nothing, yet in just a few years, thanks to his astute choices, the company quickly expanded, soon being able to compete in the international market.


In Italy in the 1970s, tools for manual farming and agriculture were quickly being replaced by modern technology and mechanization. Francesco swiftly made his first important decision, changing the direction of the company. Soon Francom was producing tool boxes and metal cases. Francesco never looked back.

The choice proved fruitful and propelled the company ahead; by the early 1980s, Francom had 15 employees. At that point, Francesco made another crucial decision. He invested everything in the construction of a new factory and headquarters. The new establishment was finished in 1981 and amazingly, it was just a few steps from his first rented shop almost 30 years earlier.