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Safer and easier to use: the new UFO PLUS lock, now available in all Syncro System dealerships.

After the noted success of UFO, the ultra burglar resistant lock (see photos on this page), Syncro System introduces the UFO PLUS: 2.0 evolution for van security systems.

This new security device offered by the Syncro group is defined by the extreme ease of locking and unlocking it, as well as greater security against attacks, even by skilled burglars.
The UFO +, like its predcessor is constructed of high-strength stainless steel, and has retained its characteristic disc shape, making it virtually impossible to be forced open from any angle.

The UFO + improved features:
The outer cover remains attached to the vehicle, rather than separating from the van door together with the key when opening the lock. This makes it much more convenient, especially for those who need to lock and unlock their vehicle often during the course of the day.
The key is used to open the lock, while closure is automatic: it is sufficient to pull the door closed which automatically activates the locking device.
The new flat design of the key, which is identical on both sides, means it can be inserted either way into the lock for quick easy opening.

Syncro System continues to invest in research and design in order to increase the security of your van and its valuable contents.
We offer a wide range of products that help secure your vehicle:
Luccotto (the stainless steel anti-theft padlock) and UFO +, as well as tinted films for vehicle windows and hidden drawers to protect your cargo and valuables from prying eyes.