Syncro System updated van racking guide is online now

This updated guide, issued at the end of 2020, will remain valid for the first half of 2021. It covers all the latest ideas that Syncro System has introduced over the last year and provides important information for anybody who wants to buy a new van and fit it out for work or who needs to give a new lease of life to an existing vehicle.

Latest developments

What’s new in the latest 45-point guide?
  • Point 3: Syncro’s plywood and aluminium floor liners have now been joined by a super-resistant two-layer version, consisting of a sheet of birch plywood underneath and a sheet of aluminium on top to provide a walkable surface. Check it out on page 6!
  • Point 16: Syncro’s exclusive modular lockers have been added to the guide. These lockers consist of a front frame with lockable doors, a back panel, top and bottom panels. The interior can be fully customised with a choice of horizontal elements (shelves, drawers, containers, etc.). Check it out on page 18!
  • Point 34: A new accessory has been added to the van ventilation range. Syncro’s wind-driven extractor eliminates fumes, keeps the temperature down and prevents the formation of condensation in the cargo compartment. And because it is driven by wind when the van moves, it consumes no energy. Check it out on page 35!
  • Download or consult online ⇩ . Syncro System’s practical and user-friendly guide to learn more about van racking and how it can make your working life so much easier and more efficient!